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It’s almost upon us, only hours remain before GTA Online launches. Rockstar once again took to their newswire to provide some essential details about the online experience. First off GTA Online should be available around 7am EST tomorrow, 10/01/2013. Once live you’ll need to install a title update to access the content, and the online portion will be accessible via your GTA V game menu, the fourth slot in your character wheel to be exact.

Based on fan inquiry, R* wanted to clarify the time frame in which GTA Online takes place. The online narrative takes place several months prior to the single player campaign. The studio has also gone on record stating that micro-transacting GTA$ won’t give you a leg up on the competition. All players will still need to rank up with Reputation Points (RP) to gain access to high-end items. As mentioned in their previous post; you’ll earn money and RP in a variety of fashions, including robberies, street races and other profitable activities.

The developer has also made it clear that they’re in for the long haul. Over the upcoming weeks, months and beyond, the crew will be adding more jobs as well as a user end content creator. As an example of their commitment to the game and their fan base, R* pointed to the “crew hierarchy” feature that was introduced some weeks back. The feature was a direct result of fan feedback.


Online character creation is hereditary based. Players choose their gender and then their parents, with the ability to grant one parent (example: John Marston) trait dominance over the other. From there users will choose from a set of lifestyle variables that will fill out the remainder of your character appearance. Lifestyle variables include amount of sleep the character gets, how much partying they do, how above or below board they are as far as income goes, as well as a host of additional variables. The new and improved Rockstar Social Club will grant weapon and vehicular unlocks and help keep your crew organized among the chaos of GTA Online.

There it is! Whether you’re working or faking the flu tomorrow, I’d suggest popping on your console around 7am EST to download the game patch, lord knows there’s going to be tons of traffic trying to get their hands on the download at once. May as well get downloading asap.

Do you have a crew in the works? Are you planning on spending a good amount of time with GTA Online, or are you sticking to the single player campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

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