Crowdfunding Projects To Pay Attention To 9/26

It’s that time again. Time to cast our bewildering light on a few very inventive and deserving crowdfunding projects. We have a good mix of genres this week, including our first print media campaign. Two of our featured projects have already smashed their funding goal, but one is still dangerously low on it’s way to the finish line, and we thought we’d show some love. Alright, let’s get to it.

Game Cave Vol 01 – SketchCraft – Print/Digital Media


Remember when you were a bright eyed gamer full of moxy and wonder? I do. I remember intently waiting for my Nintendo Power to come once a month. Recall how those puppies looked? They were full of personality via original artworks, discussions and content that wasn’t one huge buying guide. When I thumb through a digital release of Game Informer or @Gamer magazine there’s tons of previews for upcoming games, complete with links to GameStop and Best Buy to purchase the title. ┬áThis is more than an annoyance, it completely degrades the experience I knew as a child to nothing more than one big advertisement. The master sketch artist, Rob Duenas over at SketchCraft shares our pain. He wants to reinvent and revitalize the gaming magazine. His basic vision to is create a content-driven publication full of original artworks and plenty of humor. This concept will add a level of collectability that the internet, or PR driven gaming magazines can’t. ┬áRob has an extensive list of cheevos throughout his career, including his work with Play Magazine and GameFan Magazine. He also spends a good amount of his time on his ScetchCraft podcast wherein he discusses all things art. Game Cave Vol 01 will focus on the best art inspired by fighting games. If you pledge $30 or more you’ll receive six 5×7 prints, six desktop wallpapers, and a DRM free digital PDF of the magazine. If you’re into awesome sketch art inspired by some of your favorite video game characters, toss Game Cave some green.

Hyper Light Drifter – Heart Machine – PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PS Vita


At this point, Hyper Light Drifter doesn’t need any of our help, but it’s such an awesome looking game we couldn’t help but talk about it! The art style is unique and the gameplay will look to recapture the best aspects of classic 8-16 bit 2D action RPG‘s. The basic framework for the game will pull from classics like Diablo and A Link to the Past. A modernized aesthetic and an expanded game world bring the title to the top of our watch list. The core mechanics will focus on melee combat, powerful advanced weaponry items, expert defense and cunning evasion. The games creator has also promised that Hyper Light Drifter will offer stimulating enemy AI and exciting gameplay. In short, we love everything about this game, and we think you will too. Head over to Kickstarter and be among the first to get in on the action!

Taxi Journey – Lexis Numerique – PC, Mac, Linux. iOS, Android, Wii U, PS Vita, PSN, XBLA


Our final project this week comes by way of Paris, France. Taxi Journey offers distinct visuals and inventive gameplay options. It’s pretty obvious the only thing holding this game back is media exposure, and a slight language barrier, so hopefully we’ll be doing our part here. The game takes cues from titles like Limbo for it’s art style and Machinarium for it’s puzzle design. Taxi Journey focuses on an unlikely duo named Gino and Zoey. Both characters harness specific abilities that will help you solve platforming situations as well as challenging puzzles. The gentle giant of the duo, Gino has the ability to interact with reflections in the environment. Zoey is able to snag immaterial things like sound and electricity and reuse them in an applicable fashion. The team’s real focus is on the relationship you’ll forge with their characters throughout the experience. The developer promises Taxi Journey will incite grins, giggles, and tears. Three things that are largely shunned in the mainstream gaming space. Taxi Journey is first and foremost targeting PC and Wii U as launch platforms (hear that Wii U owners!? There’s software you could actually help bring to the fledgling platform if you back this project!) with a slew of additional devices waiting via stretch goals. If you’re a fan of thought-provoking experiences like Limbo and Journey, Taxi Journey is most likely right up your alley. Head over to Kickstarter and pay your fare! Don’t forget to tip.

Another week of great projects to keep an eye on is in the books. Once again, we didn’t see any horrible projects asking for your hard earned cash, so we’ll spare you the semantics. Hopefully our streak will continue. Our top pick this week has to be Game Cave. If you’re anything like the crew here, you probably waited for your monthly gaming subscription with baited breath at some point in your life, and if SketchCraft can give that back to us, well, their project is worth it’s weight in gold. See ya’ll next week!

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