The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #21


The Wrestling
NON-TITLE: Jeff Hardy def. TNA X-Division Champion Manik via pin fall with the Swanton Bomb
KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP: ODB def. Knockouts Champion Mickie James via pin fall after a running swinging neck breaker
Eric Young def. Robbie E via pin fall with a roll-up out of the corner
Joseph Park def. Robbie E via pin fall with a roll-up out of the corner
Gunner def. Hernandez via pin fall with a side slam back breaker
EGO (Roode, Kazarian, & Daniels) def. The Main Event Mafia (Magnus, Sting, & Samoa Joe) via pin fall after a baseball bat shot
The Stories
= The show opened with a quick interview with Magnus talking about the outcome of the Bound For Glory Series. Bobby Roode came in and started talking him down. This eventually led to a brawl with EGO and the Main Event Mafia. The show then opened in earnest, with Magnus coming out to the ring. He detailed all of his aches and pains from barely losing the Bound For Glory Series. He wished AJ Styles the best of luck. He then called E.G.O. out, saying that the area is Mafia country. He dared any member of EGO to take him one-on-one. Kazarian came out, and they started to brawl. When it became clear this was not an actual match, Christopher Daniels and Bobby Roode came out and attacked. When they got the advantage, Sting and Samoa Joe came to make the save. Sting issued a challenge for a six-man tag, and Roode accepted. Later on, the Main Event Mafia psyched themselves up.
= Dixie Carter was shown arriving at the venue. Later, Hulk Hogan offered to help Dixie, but she refused. To close the show, AJ Styles came out. He noted that he’s been with the company since day one, and somehow, Dixie Carter’s daddy bought a wrestling company, even though she had no clue how to run a company. He name-dropped the X-Division, and criticized Dixie for bringing in WWE cast-offs. He then noted everybody that TNA released, and said it was because of Dixie’s policies. He said that pissed him off. He then said that Dixie’s biggest mistake was AJ’s title shot – when he doesn’t have a title, and the roster doesn’t respect her anyway. He said he was going to win the title for himself, for the people that TNA cast off, and for the fans. And then he’s going to make Dixie Carter beg, and pay. Dixie came to the ring. She said that she knew that AJ was sincere. She then said that she was accountable to everyone, and she was sorry that she ever allowed him to think that he was important in TNA. She called him average, and said that he was an illusion, a marketing gimmick for the great matches he used to have. She said that she was glad that she had an opportunity to respond to all the crap. She said that AJ would be living in a trailer, and TNA would be nothing. AJ tried to respond, and Dixie Carter stopped the show.
= TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Bully Ray came to the ring with Miss Tessmacher and the Aces & Eights. He got on the microphone and noted that Ken Anderson was not there. He said that he knew he needed to thank somebody – Brooke. He sweet talks her a bit. The three remaining members of Aces & Eights take offense at her getting all the credit. Wes Brisco got in Bully’s face, and Bully shouted him down. Garrett Bischoff also said that Bully’s priorities were out of whack. Knux got on the microphone and noted that the club had stopped being about the club and had started being about Bully Ray. Ray threatened Knux, and Knux looked like he was ready to go. Ray and Brooke bailed.
= Chris Sabin was backstage with X-DIVISION CHAMPION Manik, talking Manik up. Sabin noted that he (Sabin) did a lot of work in the X-Division, carrying it for the past ten years (that interlude with Alex Shelly nonwithstanding), and told Manik that he was welcome. Manik said that he had to get ready, and walked off. Sabin and his girlfriend, Velvet Sky agreed to watch the match closely. Sabin and Velvet then came out and sat ring side. Jeff Hardy shook Manik’s hand after the match. Sabin then got in the ring, acting like he was showering Sabin with praise. However, he then gave Manik a cheap shot, and Hardy came back to chase him off. Sabin then explained that he attacked Manik because of how disrespectful he was. He then said that nobody respected him in spite of his accomplishments, so he was going to take his respect.
= After the Knockouts title match, Eric Young and Joseph Park celebrated with ODB. The Bro-Mans came out and ran down all three, but especially Joseph Park. Park came back with a “how dare you” speech, and ran them down verbally. He then said that he would teach them both a lesson. Robbie E said that it sounded like Park was challenging him, but Eric Young stepped in and accepted the challenge. After Young won, Robbie E said he was challenging Park, and baited him repeatedly. Park accepted, and got ready for a match. The Bro-Mans ambushed Young and Park, giving him the wheelbarrow DDT. They then slammed Park in to the steel post and steps, which busted Park open. Park went in to a frenzy, taking out the Bro-Mans with a choke slam to one and a Black Hole Slam to another. Eric managed to calm him down, and then he celebrated with Park.
= Chavo Guerrero got on the microphone before the tag match, saying he wasn’t medically cleared. Gunner got on the microphone and challenged Hernandez. Hernandez agreed, and James Storm said that he was going to be cheering Gunner from ring side.
What Worked
= Well, that was an interesting twist from Chris Sabin. At least the constant whining can be used in a positive fashion, in that it can be used to gain the fans’ ire. I can’t help but be glad that we have some focus on the X-Division again, no matter how limited.
= We got a solid Knockouts title match that was actually allowed time. It developed well, and it was allowed to be unique.
= The continued collapse of the Aces & Eights is actually working for me. Knux managed to point out every single problem with the story around the group. Since Bully is technically one of the WWE cast-offs that AJ Styles criticized later on in the show (in a side long fashion), the fact that he is potentially losing his back-up is a good story.
= Speaking of AJ Styles, as plain and somewhat monotone as the closing segment was, it hit all the right notes. AJ basically implied that he was only on the show because he had a title shot at Bound For Glory. Dixie’s response felt like she was going after all of the fans, not just AJ, for their criticisms of her. The abrupt end to the show was a nice exclamation point.
Needs Work
= While I like the new X-Division focus, I really hate that they had the champion lose in such a short match. It wasn’t a squash by any means, but it was brief, and it was decisive. It made it clear that the title is much lower in the pecking order than the level at which Jeff Hardy competes.
= As fun as it was, the encounter between the Bro-Mans and the duo of Park & Young felt more like filler than something that had to be watched.
= The tag team division in TNA is just a black hole of interest, if the best that they can get is Chavo backing out, Gunner insisting on a fight,


The Wrestling
ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT: Roderick Strong def. ROH Television Champion Matt Taven via pin fall after a running Back Stabber combo to advance
ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT: Kevin Steen def. (THE?) Brian Kendrick via submission with the Sharpshooter
ROH WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT: Adam Cole def. Jay Lethal via pin fall with the Florida Key
The Stories
= The show started with Nigel McGuinness talking about the fact that BJ Whitmer suffered an injury the previous week that forced the match to be stopped. McGuinness said that Michael Bennett was still able to compete, and so would continue in the tournament. Nigel then noted that Ring of Honor was a company of professionals, but that accidents could happen. He then thanked the fans for their support, and the show began in earnest.
= Before the match between Matt Taven and Roderick Strong began, Nigel took one of the Hoopla Hotties out of the match for lacking a proper license. Truth Martini repeatedly expressed his displeasure at this directly to Nigel at the announce desk. Martini and McGuinness eventually got in to a shouting match, and Taven accidentally gave a running boot intended for Nigel to truth.
= Adam Cole and Jay Lethal shook hands after their match.
What Worked
= While the opening match was stupid in its story, once they cut through the BS, it was a great finish.
= Kevin Steen is way more athletic than his build would normally imply, and he showed in his match against Brian Kendrick why he is one of Ring of Honor’s biggest stars. Plus, instead of “Spanky” Brian Kendrick, we got to see something more along the lines of THE Brian Kendrick.
= As per usual, I like the way that ROH acts like the company is an athletic competition instead of just a spectacle. It always sets the show apart.
Needs Work
= The story around the opening match was all kinds of stupid. Why didn’t Nigel just eject the woman? More to the point, Strong and Martini have some history. Why they didn’t involve that instead is beyond me.
= THEY NEED TO STOP DOING APRON SPOTS. Kendrick hitting the Sliced Bread #2 on Steen looked cool, but they could have done the exact same thing with him running up the ring post. Every apron spot I see just makes me think of Paul London and BJ Whitmer suffering horrible botches.

NOTE: Death Before Dishonor still has no reports on the site, so there is no report for it.

Sorry that’s it for this week, but the Taking Stock aspect of this show expanded due to what happened this week in WWE and TNA, and is more suited for when the column is not already late. Expect it this weekend, with three weeks’ worth of changes.

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