The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #21

The WWE is really picking up steam with this whole “Triple H is the new Vince McMahon” bit, TNA is trying to get back in to focusing on everything they forgot during the Bound For Glory Series, and Ring of Honor continues their World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Want to know more? Look no further!

iGR-Weekly-Wrestling-Wrap-Up4As usual, the Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up only deals with what is aired nationally on television in the United States, as far as wrestling is concerned. Any and all other forms of information delivery are irrelevant to this column, unless it is used as an alternate method of learning what happened on the TV broadcast. With that said, let’s get down to business!

Match Results (from
WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Daniel Bryan def. WWE Champion Randy Orton via pin fall with a Busaiku Knee to become the NEW WWE Champion

Paul Heyman & Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel def. CM Punk (No Disqualification Handicap Elimination Match) via pin fall. CM Punk eliminated Curtis Axel via submission with the Anaconda Vice. Ryback attacked CM Punk in order to put a prone Heyman on top of Punk for the winRob Van Dam def. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio via disqualification after Del Rio refused to release a submissionWWE Tag Team Champions The Shield def. The Prime Time Players via pin fall with a spear from Roman ReignsUnited States Champion Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler via pin fall with the Head Lock STO to retain the championshipIntercontinental Champion Curtis Axel def. Kofi Kingston via pin fall with the snap neck breaker DDTDivas Champion AJ Lee won a Fatal 4-Way Match via submission with the Black Widow on NatalyaThe Miz def. Fandango via pin fall with the Skull Crushing FinaleNotesI didn’t watch the show live, so I could only offer opinions by reading a recap from others. As such, I’ll just let the results and the fall-out speak for themselves. For the sake of consistency, I will do the same thing for this week’s WWE portion of the article.

The Wrestling

Dolph Ziggler def. United States Champion Dean Ambrose via pin fall with the Zig Zag
Fandango def. R-Truth via pin fall with a top rope leg drop
The Bellas & Naomi def. Aksana, Alicia Fox, & Layla via pin fall after a face slam
Rob Van Dam def. MR MONEY IN THE BANK via pin fall with a Five Star Frog Splash
Randy Orton def. The Miz resulted in a no contest after a double count-out
Three-Way Tag Elimination Match: The Usos def. The Real Americans (Cesaro & Swagger) and Tons of Funk (Clay & Tensai) to gain a WWE Tag Team Title shot (Cesaro pinned Tensai, Jimmy gave Swagger a Superfly splash)
Daniel Bryan def. Roman Reigns via DQ after Randy Orton attacked Daniel Bryan
Main Event
Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel def. Dolph Ziggler via pin fall with a snap neck breaker DDT
Kofi Kingston def. Fandango via pin fall after a Trouble in Paradise
MR. MONEY IN THE BANK Damien Sandow def. Justin Gabriel via pin fall with a Silencer
Divas Champion AJ Lee def. Naomi via submission with the Black Widow
Santino Marella def. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter & Jack Swagger) via pin fall with a back slide pin
Ryback def. Nick Nardone via pin fall with a Shell Shock
3-on-1 Gauntlet: The Shield def. The Prime Time Players, Dolph Ziggler, & Kofi Kingston before the gauntlet was called off with Rob Van Dam in the ring
The Wyatt Family (Rowan & Harper) def. Zack Ryder & Justin Gabriel via pin fall with a spinning lariat
Non-Title: Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth via submission with the Cross Arm Breaker
Daniel Bryan & The Usos def. The Shield via pin fall with a Busaiku Knee

The Stories

= WWE Champion Daniel Bryan opened the show, and said that one word summed up everything – YES! Triple H came down to the ring, looking unhappy. He noted that the match ended with a fast count, meaning that the victory was tainted. He called Scott Armstrong to the ring. Armstrong came to the ring, and HHH noted the differences between Armstrong’s regular count and the count that ended the match in painstaking detail. Armstrong agreed that it was a fast count, and that he made a mistake. HHH took him to task for that. Finally, Armstrong said to Bryan, “They got us, Daniel,” and Bryan was completely flabbergasted. Triple H said he was ashamed of Bryan. Bryan denied it repeatedly, but Triple H vacated the WWE Championship. Bryan kept refusing to give over the title. Randy Orton came out, but HHH stopped him. HHH demanded that Bryan hand over the belt, Orton gave him an RKO, and HHH took the belt. Orton was left standing above a downed Bryan. During Bryan’s match against Roman Reigns, Orton was at ring side. Following the match, The Shield and Orton began to beat down Bryan, but when a chair came in to the mix, the fan favorite side of the locker room emptied to save Bryan. Bryan put the exclamation point on everything by giving Seth Rollins a Busaiku Knee. The roster lifted Bryan on their shoulders, Bryan celebrated, and the good guys stood tall.
= Backstage, Triple H was talking to Stephanie McMahon about the situation. Randy Orton stormed in and demanded that he be given his title back. Stephanie told him he deserved to lose, and until he could be the Randy Orton that would do anything to anybody, maybe he didn’t deserve to be the face of the WWE. HHH and Stephanie walked off, leaving Orton dumbfounded. Later, Triple H was in his office, and he released Scott Armstrong. He said he was letting Armstrong go, but that he would take care of Scott. Armstrong’s reaction makes it clear that the conspiracy was between Armstrong and Triple H.
= Randy Orton brutalized The Miz before, during, and after their so-called match. Miz fought back somewhat, spurred on by his family, but eventually succumbed to Orton’s offense. Orton put an exclamation point on the attack by Pillmanizing The Miz’s head with a knee drop.
= The Big Show was backstage in Brad Maddox’s office, waiting for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Maddox clarified the match that HHH wanted to see between Bryan and Roman Reigns, and Dusty Rhodes was in the building. Stephanie then emphasized Big Show’s financial strain, and said that Show was to stay in the office unless Stephanie needed him. Later, Dusty Rhodes came out to the ring. He talked about being a father, and how he sacrificed everything for his sons. He said that he hated how Triple H fired Cody Rhodes because it was best for business. He talked about Goldust’s attempt to gain his brother’s job back. Dusty noted all that Cody had accomplished. He then said that he did not call for the meeting, he wanted to see how Cody could earn his job back. He called out Stephanie, who got on the microphone. She gave Dusty a wedding present for Cody – a gift card to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Dusty wanted to cut through the crap. Stephanie said that she wanted to offer Cody his job – well, Cody or Goldust. Dusty wanted some clarification, but Stephanie made it clear that he could either get Cody his job back, or he could fix his relationship with Dustin. He asked if Stephanie chose a favorite child. She came back and ran him down, and Dusty told her to go to hell. The Shield came out. Stephanie then called out Big Show. Eventually, after a bunch of emotions, Show agreed to give Dusty a KO punch to save him from a chair assault from The Shield. Show then set Rhodes on the mat gently. Afterward, Show went with Dusty in the ambulance.
= Paul Heyman came out in a wheelchair with Curtis Axel and Ryback in tow. He called himself the Best in The World. He insulted the local fans for envying him. He noted that the first time that he and CM Punk came face to face, the winner was Paul Heyman and the loser was CM Punk. He did admit that he did not beat CM Punk on his own. He said that if not for some circumstances, he would be a vegetable in the hospital. He then said that he was still there because of Ryback. Ryback then said that he hated bullies – like CM Punk. He said he was here to stop CM Punk because he is a bully. He then told Heyman that he would never have to worry again. Ryback posed, shouted, “Ryback rules,” and wheeled Heyman to the back.
= There was a bit of an altercation between AJ Lee and Natalya during the Divas match.
= After his match, Damien Sandow got on the microphone, declaring himself the Money in the Bank contract holder and uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion.
= There was a Wyatt Family video.
Main Event
= During the match between INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION Curtis Axel and Dolph Ziggler, Ryback attacked Ziggler in order to help Axel get the win.
= Triple H gave a brief interview about the WWE Championship situation. He compared what may have happened between Daniel Bryan and Scott Armstrong to Pete Rose colluding with an umpire to control the outcome of the World Series. However, since all he has is Scott Armstrong’s potential admission, Daniel Bryan still has a job, and yet another title shot.
= After his match, Damien Sandow got on the microphone, declaring himself the Money in the Bank contract holder and uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion. (Sound familiar?)
= Vickie Guerrero was out to welcome the crowd to SmackDown. She said that she had the best show ever for SmackDown. She introduced the laughingstock of the WWE. Eventually, it became clear that she was talking about Daniel Bryan, who came out exuberantly. He got on the microphone and said he would rather be champion for one day than a shrill corporate suck-up for his whole life. Vickie told him to come clean. Bryan said he did nothing wrong. Vickie begged to differ. Bryan said that the truth was that the referee could have counted to twenty, because Orton was knocked out, and he should be the wWE Champion. Vickie said tha she doesn’t agree with HHH’s decision to give him a rematch at Battleground. She would have fired him. Bryan said that she doesn’t have any real power. Vickie then said that all of them will be eliminated, because The Shield was going to take Bryan and the ten men that helped him would be in an eleven-man gauntlet against The Shield – one-on-three, eleven times over.
= Order of entry for the handicap gauntlet: Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston. Rob Van Dam was about to get the victory when Triple H came out and called off the match. He then dragged Vickie Guerrero to the back. Triple H noted that what Vickie did could lead to a full-scale revolt, about which Triple H knew far too well. He then said that what Vickie was going to do was book a six-man tag between the Shield and the team of The Usos and Daniel Bryan.
= Triple H came in to check on Rob Van Dam and apologize for what Vickie did. He then told Van Dam that he was getting another World Heavyweight title shot. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio sneak attacked Van Dam, taking him down and knocking him senseless.
= Triple H had Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel came to his office. He said that he was sorry for what Vickie did, and Zack said they wanted some competition. Triple H said that they would get it, and told them to go to the ring. Their opponents wound up being The Wyatts. After the match, Bray Wyatt gave Zack Ryder the Sister Abigail. He then told everybody that when he makes a promise, he keeps it, and he promised to put down anybody that the WWE put in the ring with them. “All for you, Abigail.”
= Randy Orton talked about how Scott Armstrong and Daniel Bryan conspired to steal his title. He said it was his fault, because he had been suppressing all of his worst aspects, including his amoral side. He said that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon unlocked that in him. He explained that what he did to The Miz was to show who and what he truly is. He said that he was looking to destroy Daniel Bryan, end the war, and be your – wait, no – HIS WWE Champion. The Shield came out as if to emphasize just who is the person that matters.
= Paul Heyman gave another speech about being the Best in the World. He gave credit to CM Punk, but noted that only one person can win in a match in the ring, and that winner was Paul Heyman. He then said he could not have done it without Ryback. Ryback then got on the microphone and declares that he can’t stand a bully. He then ran down his no-name opponent.
= Zeb Colter ran down Santino Marella with The Real Americans in tow.
= AJ Lee made a pre-taped speech about how she would take out every E! Network Total Diva. Natalya was on commentary for AJ’s match.


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