Valve Announces SteamOS For The Living Room


Valve has revealed the first piece of it’s Steam expansion puzzle. Last week Gabe Newell teased three separate announcements for this week. The first of which happened today. SteamOS is built to run as a Linux based OS on any “living room device”. The studio claims users will have access to all the same user generated content, software, and friends they currently enjoy on the platform with SteamOS. They haven’t named any specific partners, but the verbiage suggests that the operating system will be easily integrated into any streaming based device. The OS will be made available for free to hardware manufacturers. This will no doubt result in higher adoption rate.

Valve is said to be focusing on in-home streaming, music, television shows, movies, and it’s newly announced family sharing feature. Family share allows you to play your family member’s games and earn the achievements on your own account.

It’s still relatively likely we’ll see proprietary Valve hardware that makes use of SteamOS, we’ll keep you up-to-date as we hear more.

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Dylan Zellmer

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