Crowdfunding Projects You Should Pay Attention To 9/20

So, remember last week when I tentatively set this week’s article for Thursday? Well, it’s now Friday, and here we are. That’s why I didn’t make any promises, it keeps me from breaking them. A smart way to live one’s life. We had a fantastic time at NYGC13 and I wanted to thank the fine folks at DMW for throwing the event. Kickstarter was brought up several times throughout the many discussion panels we attended. Most notably, Howard Tsao of Muse Games spoke on a panel about the emerging platforms developers have available to them. I grilled with him afterwards about bringing Guns of Icarus Online to the PlayStation 4. Moving right along we have an absolutely stacked week ahead of us. We’ll be harkening back to two project creators we’ve worked with in the past as well as tapping our inner mutant for some pigskin action.

Origin Series Part II – The Ninjabot – ArtOrigin-SeriesII-Kickstarter-The-Ninjabot

If you’ve been following our little shindig for a while you’ll remember our work with the talented artists over at The Ninjabot. Their Origin Series prints featured, well, the origins of some of our favorite super heroes. The duo was insanely successful in their second Kickstarter campaign ultimately funding 13 prints. Characters ranged from Green Lantern, Batman, and Wonder Woman all the way to Wolverine, Gambit, and Hulk. I personally have the Batman crime alley origin and all it needs is a frame. I can personally attest to the quality of the prints and even the shipping method used by The Ninjabot. It’s all executed very well. Back to part two of the Origin Series. Arnel and Estefania wanted a way to offer everyone all 13 prints in one convenient package, so they envisioned an art book including every single bit of artwork their original Origin series Kickstarter spawned. They’re also throwing in some behind the scenes information to show you the creative process behind the prints. Wait! That’s not all. The pair have also come up with four new designs they want to deliver via crowdfunding. The Origin Series delivers thoughtful interpretations of your favorite comic book heroes’ inceptions in a stunningly sharp, contemporary fashion. Head over to Kickstarter and purchase your favorite superhero Origin today!

The Long Dark – Hinterland – PC, Mac, Linux


The Long Dark is an idea that I see myself becoming an evangelist over. If you mention the word Fallout in the same breath as your project, you’ve already got my attention. And rest assured, Hinterland didn’t mention Fallout as a simple name drop, they’re creating The Long Dark’s game world to bolster your passion for exploration in the same way as Fallout, Red Dead Redemption, and other open world games before it. The device the team used to bring about the fall of civilization is another aspect I can really buy into. A highly volatile aurorae flash across the sky destroys our entire technological infrastructure in an instant. This event would effectively be mother natures EMP to quash humanity, and if we know ANYTHING, we know mother nature likes to fuck with us quite a bit. The meat and potatoes of The Long Dark consists of a long-form exercise in survival. Gaining knowledge of your surroundings and utilizing life sustaining supplies is the name of the game. Combat is extremely rare, and highly lethal. This ensures you have a very human-like fear of death when running into a dangerous situation. The Long Dark will institute an episodic like structure to deliver the narrative, much like a successful television series. The studio members at Hinterland have been part of many successful games in the past like God of War, League of Legends, Far Cry 3, and the Saints Row series. Their experience working with open worlds will lend directly to their effors with The Long Dark. Needless to say, the studio is full of talented professionals from the gaming industry. The team leads are formerly of Relic Entertainment, Volition, and Riot Games. I have every confidence that this team will deliver something very special and help redefine the post apocalyptic themed video game. If you have it, scrounge up a few bucks to help Hinterland bring about The Long Dark.

The Ballads of Reemus 2 – Jay Ziebarth – PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS


This one is really close to home. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jay on an upcoming project of mine and I can vouch for his talent and professionalism, even in the face of his personal website being called zeebarf. Jay recently received Best Story honors for his work on the original Ballads of Reemus. Now Jay has hit Kickstarter to fund the second installment in the series. If you’re unfamiliar with the series here’s a quick synopsis. The core gameplay is inspired by popular 2D point and click adventures historically produced by Lucas Arts. Reemus is a medieval exterminator seeking validation for his career choice. He and his purple bear sidekick, Liam battle giant insects to legitimize their work as a “heroic” career path. The result is several very comical ballads that seem to take root from Tenacious D, minus the gratuitous cussing. The story line for the sequel is zany as ever. Reemus’ profession has been modernized and reduced to spray bottle form by his largest competitor, Pest-Go. Fortunately, the deadly mist won’t suffice against a horde of killer Death Slugs. Reemus may have a legendary quest before him, after all. Jay just started funding The Ballads of Reemus 2 yesterday and is trending towards success. If you’re a fan of the point and click, or just want to support a fantastic artist, head over to Kickstarter now!

That’s it folks! I didn’t come across anything vomit-inducing this week, so we stuck to great projects. However, I’m assuming that streak won’t last forever, so keep an eye out for stinkers next week. This week’s jam packed spotlight made it really hard to choose a winner, but I’m forcing myself to do so. Hinterland may just be working on the game of my dreams with The Long Dark, so I have to give them an extra bump this week. As always, check us out every week for another edition of the spotlight, and don’t forget to add us to your daily games media routine. You can follow the site on Twitter @IGResponsibly, myself @dzelly_igr (just now starting to plug my personal account, I’m modest), and check us out on Facebook! Our September promo still has some gas in the tank, so make sure to check that out as well! We’re giving away a free Splinter Cell: Blacklist Steam key!

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