The PlayStation 4 Will Support External Gameplay Capture Devices


There’s been a bit of a storm looming over Sony‘s PlayStation 4. An elephant in the room, if you will. The device and most of it’s specs and features have been outlined for some time, but important aspect hand’t been addressed as of yet. Will the PS4 allow Youtube personalities to capture and share video? Omitting the feature would alienate about 10% (a figure directly from Youtube’s head of gaming, Rodrigo Velloso) of the Youtube audience that mostly watches gaming videos. It’d also result in PlayStation 4 loosing the support of the Youtube personality circle. Meaning the only next gen videos easily captured and shared on Youtube would be via the Xbox One.

Thankfully, Shuhei Yoshida has finally addressed the situation,


The details are scarce, but we at least know the feature will be available, alleviating some of the pressure Sony had been feeling on it’s way to November 15th.

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Dylan Zellmer

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