Trio Arrested For Impersonating Officers To Skip In Line At NYC GTA V Release


Okay, this situation happened while we were in NYC for the New York Games Conference 2013. Wherein I spoke to Michael Pachter about next gen sales and Howard Tsao of Muse Games about Guns of Icarus Online coming to PlayStation 4.

A trio of men posed as NY police officers to cut a line of close to 500 people at a GameStop Grand Theft Auto V midnight release. The musketeers pulled up in a decommissioned undercover police car, complete with lights and siren, and flashed a fake badge to cut to the front of the line. Two of the impostors were 19 and the third was 20. They were arrested and charged for impersonating an officer, but they were later released.

It appears they made an illegal u-turn with lights flashing and drew the ire of a real undercover unit on patrol in the area. There’s plenty to laugh about here, but it’s likely that this crime of idiocy will add to the never ending tally of crimes attributed to violent video games, specifically GTA V.

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Dylan Zellmer

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