Guns Of Icarus Online Team Lead Talks PlayStation 4 Release


I recently had the chance to speak with Howard Tsao, team lead at Muse Games. Muse develops and supports the Kickstarter, crowdfunded title, Guns of Icarus Online. If you’re not familiar with the title, it’s a multiplayer game with an emphasis on team work. Guns of Icarus Online has enjoyed success on multiple occasions via Kickstarter, and it was recently (August) announced that the team would be bringing GOIOnline to the PlayStation 4.

Howard had just finished up participating in a F2P gaming panel and I had the chance to speak with him at length about bringing the game to Sony‘s upcoming PlayStation 4 console. I first asked him the question that all next gen devs are being hit with; How is the PS4 architecture treating the team? To which Tsao replied,

“We’re still kind of exploring it because it has a lot to do with Unity’s PS4 license. That hasn’t been finalized as of yet. But from everything we know, or have heard, it should be a lot easier (than current gen). As far as Unity goes, your just adding an additional version of the game.”

In stark contrast to the ease of porting to the PS4, Tsao added a comment referring to Unity support on the PS3 saying,

“Very, very hard. Unity for PS3 has gotten a lot better, but there’s a reason why there hasn’t been many Unity ports. PS4 is going to be way better, basically it’s a super-charged PC with a lot of nice features. It’s definitely powerful. As far as standard porting (on PS4), we’re really optimistic. There’s certain hurdles we don’t have to worry about like Linux or limited VRAM”

Howard then expressed a bit of concern when it comes to the console QA process. He’s hoping that the nine months GoIOnline has been released will help with the QA process. The biggest issue the team sees moving forward is voice chat,

“Players (Steam/PS) can already play together, they’re not locking their back end, we can use our own servers.we see chat as our biggest barrier.” 

The team at Muse just implemented a non-verbal cue system with their newest update to GoIOnline, which would be the contingency plan if voice chat doesn’t work out well. I wasn’t able to get any information as far as release window, due to the Unity PS4 license issue not being settled as of yet.

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