Universum: War Front Offers Epic Scale Warfare In A Stunningly Innovative Fashion


As a fan of RTS, science fiction and third person shooters I’ve always wanted a seamless pairing of the genres. Sure there’s Starcraft, Gears of War and Mechwarrior to fill the void, but I want you to consider this; What if there was a way to blend the three effectively? And what if a single person was responsible for developing such a hybrid? That’s right, I said one person. Cyril Megem.


In the past I’ve found myself wanting to take control of a single captain or troop on the battlefield when playing Total War or Command and Conquer. Games like Dynasty Warriors offer this ability to an extent, but it’s all very arcade, button masher style combat. This option seemed to be past the breadth of the experience. How would it be possible to obtain and release control of a single unit during an RTS skirmish?


Universum: War Front looks to have perfected this feature. In Universum you’ll have the ability to control the fight over five independent theaters of battle. Take the clash to the air, underwater, open space, and underground along with boilerplate ground battles. Not only will you have a plethora of options available, but you’ll actually be able to select a single unit from your force and control it in third person! Just make sure you don’t forget about the rest of the battle while doing so.


A gigantic universe full of resources will be available to research and upgrade your character with new technologies. A great example I’ve seen is the mech suit. You’ll be able to customize your ammo type, armor, shields and other necessary equipment.

Playable units include Warhammer-like heavily armored infantry troops, giant transforming mech suits, strange alien creatures and more. Universum will let you live the battle from any perspective in a dynamic fashion. Beautifully crafted models, picturesque landscapes, accurate physics and large scale warfare make Universum: War Front something special. Especially when you consider this project is the effort of a single person working on his free time.


Universum: War Front will be heading to Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter in the coming weeks, and I feel privileged to have seen it prior to it’s launch. We’ll help you keep an eye out for this impressive indie title as it heads into the world of crowdfunding.

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Dylan Zellmer

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