Show Biz Breakdown: Better Late Than Never!

Much like the movie news part of this, I’ll spare you the gory details as to why this is incredibly late and just get down to business.

Much to the chagrin to all of the show’s haters, The Newsroom has been renewed for a third season according to its star Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber). HBO hasn’t said that Daniels was mistaken and it’s always felt like pretty much a formality that the series would continue for another season but it’s nice to hear that it’s (somewhat) official. I’m a huge Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) fan so I’ve been pulling for the series since I heard about it, and perhaps even more so once it aired and became somewhat of a laughing stock on the internet, so this is tremendous news. I mean, there is some truth to the criticisms levied against the show (its portrayal of women, its hindsight liberalism and the fact that it feels like Sorkin paint-by-numbers) but the internet has taken it to such an extreme that it’s hard for me to not to root for the show, even if it isn’t perfect. All of that said, on a network like HBO where ratings don’t matter, as long as the show is in some sort of pop culture conversation, then it will likely have a spot on HBO’s schedule.


In our last edition I mentioned that Community had taken over for fellow NBC bubble show Chuck as the king of stunt casting and I’ve got to say, that’s pretty amazing timing because it was announced last week that Walton Goggins (Justified) will also be a guest star on the show’s upcoming fifth season. He joins the likes of Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) and returning guests Rob Corddry (Hot Tub Time Machine), Kevin Corrigan (The Departed) and John Oliver (The Daily Show). That’d be a pretty decent guest list for a lesser show’s entire run but not for Community because that’s just one season! In all seriousness, this casting news combines quite possibly my two favorite shows on TV right now in Justified and Community. In fact, you may remember that I nominated Goggins for Best Supporting Actor in that Emmy article I wrote a couple months ago (though it feels like years) so it’s already been well-established how big of a fan I am of his. Seeing him on another favorite show of mine will be like having my cake and eating it too.


AMC’s The Killing was killed once again. Despite earning a last-second third season renewal, the polarizing crime drama has seemingly met its demise as AMC announced that it would not be renewing it for another season. True, you could point to the fact that they did this last year but ended up reversing their decision a couple of months later but given that, unlike HBO’s The Newsroom, people aren’t talking about the show anymore could mean that the nail is indeed in the coffin. I’m not even sure if it would be worth it for another network to try and acquire the show because it seems like any steam the show had when it debuted is now a distant afterthought. That said, don’t be surprised to hear rumors of it being picked up elsewhere but that’s just kind of the thing to do these days so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


That’s it for TV but if you’re in the mood for some great movie trailers, hit the next page!

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