Show Biz Breakdown: Better Late Than Never!

Show Biz Breakdown!

It’s been a long and painful journey but we’re finally here: Show Biz Breakdown #2. Or as I like to call it Show Biz Breakdown: Better Later Than Never! And yes, I’m totes going to come up with random, nonsensical colon titles. Hey, if Marvel can do it so can I! Instead of needlessly making excuses as to why this is “Better Late Than Never”, why don’t we just talk about the best movie news of the week?

The biggest news of the past week or so was definitely the story that JK Rowling is writing not only her first screenplay but that it’ll also be a Harry Potter spin-off! Now, as someone who is utterly indifferent towards the Harry Potter franchise, I don’t quite appreciate this news as well as a lot of people but it’s big news regardless. It’s become fairly commonplace recently but it’s always interesting to hear about an author delving into screenwriting and it’ll be interesting to see if it’s something Rowling wants to do more of in the future. For Warner Bros, it’s a no-brainer because why not expand that universe and make a MEGAFRANCHISE? Whether or not there is enough material to warrant it remains to be seen but Warner Bros would be stupid not to see if they can mine even more money out of the Harry Potter goldmine.


After cutting his teeth in TV and becoming one of HBO’s go-to directors, Alan Taylor made the large leap into the feature pool by tackling Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World. Taylor was a pretty inspiring choice for the gig because of his work on Game of Thrones and now Taylor is parlaying his big Marvel gig into another one equally as big: Terminator 5! We already know that original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved and Dwayne Johnson (Fast & Furious franchise) was rumored at one point but not much else is known beyond that, not even if it’s actually a sequel or if it’s a reboot, etc.. We should be hearing more about it soon, though because it’s one of the many big releases slated for the Summer of 2015.


There’s a big film franchise and two TV shows but Hollywood still has yet to get enough of Sherlock Holmes because now Ian McKellan (X-Men franchise) will be play a retired version of the legendary detective in Bill Condon’s (Dreamgirls) Slight Trick of the Mind. This version will be a bit different because of the aforementioned McKellan is a lot older than previous portrayals but also because the film will not feature Holmes’ trusty side-kick Dr. John Watson. Despite the fact that he does not have his partner with him, Holmes will apparently set out to solve a 50 year old case that has gone unsolved. The logline makes mention of the fact that Holmes lives with his housekeeper and her amateur sleuth of a son so one would assume that Holmes won’t be alone as he solves the case. It’s not a bad twist on the story but is it one that needed to be told? That remains to be seen but making Holmes older is perhaps the last twist they could get out of the material. Now just watch as I’m proven wrong in approximately 16 months when somebody announces an even newer version of the character.


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