The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #20


I’m submitting this just before the start of Night of Champions, and although plenty of people are probably talking about the WWE Championship match, or CM Punk dismantling Paul Heyman, I want to address something else. It is related to the latter match, but not in the way that you think. See, my major issue is that, even though the show is about every champion being in a match to defend his or her title, that is not true. This is something that we could easily rectify, but the WWE isn’t about to do it. There are multiple reasons for this, but every last reason is something that we could easily mitigate by overlooking the issues in the first place. So, of what oversight am I speaking? None other than the fact that Curtis Axel’s Intercontinental Championship should be on the line in the elimination handicap match.
Of course, on the surface, the idea seems ludicrous. Why would CM Punk even bother with such a title? The man is a multi-time WWE Champion. Winning the Intercontinental title would do nothing for him, and even worse, it automatically make Curtis Axel a joke who couldn’t hold on to his belt. Beyond that, the Intercontinental title has been a nothing belt since around 2000. The only times that it has been important were because of who held it. The one time it seemed like the belt could elevate the person holding it in recent times was when Cody Rhodes held it. We all know how much effect that’s had on Cody’s prospects. Even if Punk were to win the belt, it would just be another title on the list. It wouldn’t be a great accolade to add to his career. Beyond that, having the match be for the title would convolute things between Heyman and Punk, so even if he did win the belt, it would be even more of an afterthought than it usually is.
But here’s the real kicker out of all of this – it’s highly unlikely that this is going to be the end of the story. That means that some way, somehow, Paul Heyman is going to leave Night of Champions as the victor. How much more would it grind on CM Punk that he had the opportunity to take away something that Heyman holds dear – that he manages a champion – and once again, failed to successfully take that opportunity? I don’t want CM Punk as the Intercontinental Champion – I doubt anybody does – but I think that the match should be for the belt. I would actually like to have Heyman say, “We are the Intercontinental Champion,” and have it be totally logical, just to grind the axe on CM Punk’s ego.
Of course, that’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

That’s it for this week. Next week, the Wrap-Up yet again Takes Stock of the WWE and TNA rosters, Night of Champions gets reviewed, TNA’s march towards Bound For Glory continues, and the last ROH TV before Death Before Dishonor available to those that can’t catch the regular broadcast is reviewed (plus the possibility of a Death Before Dishonor recap)! Remember, fiction or not, wrestling is usually worth the watch.

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