The Raven: Legacy Of A Master Thief Chapter 2 PC Review


The second chapter of The Raven was released Tuesday August 27th and King Art Games really ups the ante with chapter.

Titled Ancestry of Lies, the second chapter starts off directly after the suspenseful ending of chapter one. In chapter one you take a unexpected wild ride on The Orient Express where the Raven blows up the train. After barely escaping with your life you carry on and make your way to Venice. Upon arriving in Venice everyone boards the MS Lydia cruise ship but Inspector Legrand wants you to continue with with your journey despite your arguments. Long story short you end up on the ship anyway. The Baroness is shot and killed and there is a mysterious stowaway thrown into the mix.

After using your superior sleuthing skills, you work out that Dr Gebhardt was the Raven and is responsible for Baroness Von Trebitz’s murder. Before you are able to spill the beans and tell Inspector Legrand, you’re blind sided by the Doctor and he knocks you out with some chloroform. When you awake you find yourself strapped into a wheelchair about to be executed with no way to escape. Fortunately for you it seems that every villain has the same bad habit of talking to much, so you use that to your advantage and keep him talking.


The new gameplay scenario was a welcome challenge. It gave you a chance to fail. I’ve noticed that no matter what you do in most situations, the story goes on. When you talk to someone you just reel through all the questions without thinking. It was nice having to try.

When you eventually escape your restraints and subdue the Doctor you pass out still groggy from the chloroform. When you wake up you are in the saloon surrounded by the passengers of the MS Lydia. You find out that the Dr. Gebhardt has gone missing but with his disappearance a letter from the Raven is left in his stead. The letter depicts certain details from previous crimes that were left out of the newspaper to show that it was legitimately the Raven who left the letter. He also hints that that he would rather take his own life than be caught. Without the body Constable Zellner isn’t completely convinced that the Raven is dead.

When you finally make it to Cairo you decide to follow this whole ordeal to the end and stay for the unveiling of the remaining Eye of the Sphinx. After taking in the sights of the museum you decide to check out the main exhibit. In the main exhibit you meet the museum director and he shows off the security system to you. After you are reassured on the security you begin to exit the main showroom and as you do you find a black feather. You immediately tell the director to alert the guards but just before you can do anything there is an explosion and the security door starts to close. You narrowly slide under it Indiana Jones style.

The director also escapes but he needs to take a breather so you decide to look around and try to find a way into room. Upon entering the guards room you find Oliver and an unconscious guard. Oliver has his pistol drawn and suspects you to be the Raven or possibly an accomplice. After somewhat convincing him that your not an accomplice you decide to work together to get into the room and catch the Raven despite Oliver wanting to call for the police. After finding items to pry open the door a bit you and Oliver slide underneath.


The room is left in shambles from the explosion and there is a huge crater in the ground where the display used to be for the remaining eye. After climbing down into the hole you find a secret room with a door that is locked by a puzzle on the door. When you work your way into the secret hideout and look around you feel a presence behind you and are finally confronted with the real Raven.

The game play for chapter two is the same as chapter one, which isn’t a bad thing but I noticed that when you click on something to inspect it you might back and forth for a sec before actually getting there. It also seemed that there was more action in the second chapter than the first which got my attention from the get go.

So if you have the game installed it is definitely worth a playthrough.