Full Unity Support Coming To Xbox One In 2014


Here’s a great piece of news that needed a bit of further clarification from the source. Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason has confirmed that Unity will be fully supported on the Xbox One sometime in 2014 (previously reported as being available before the end of 2013). It was during an interview with OXM that Helgason had mentioned the developer tools being available in 2013. Helgason issued a statement to clarify the previous confusion,

During an interview with OXM in July, I misspoke and suggested that Unity for Xbox One would be available sometime in 2013. At that time, work had only just begun on those tools so while there will be a very few developers in very early testing phases this year, the Xbox One tools for Unity will not be widely available to developers until 2014. We are currently hard at work on the technology and are making great progress but we are not yet ready to announce any specific release windows. I apologize for any confusion my statement may have caused.

Either way it seems as if Unity will be available within the first year of the Xbox One’s life cycle, which is fantastic for independent developers. We already know that both Microsoft and Sony will be relaxing their TCR process and letting indies self-publish. Unity being readily available on the Xbox One is one of the final steps to fully opening the floodgates.

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