Reader Discussion – What’s Your Most Anticipated Next Gen Feature?


We’re now a mere 64 days away from the launch of the next generation in gaming (Sorry Nintendo). We know the hardware specs, well kind of, SOME people seem to have been bloating them as of late. Regardless, these machines are head and shoulders more powerful with some great built in features for us to fondle. Not to mention the fact that both consoles are sporting great new controllers and decent launch software.

So, we wanted to know what single aspect will change the game for you next gen. If you’re a graphics whore, get it out in the open, Mark Rein did! If you’re looking forward to the deep social integration, tell us about it. Or if the only thing you really want are some new IP’s to get excited for, name em’. There’s plenty to drool over when it comes to the launch of the next generation PlayStation and Xbox.

Sony has obviously known what they wanted the PlayStation 4 to be for some time now. The Xbox One is a boyfriend chameleon of sorts, dealing with a several month long identity crisis, but plenty people are thankful for the Microsoft flip flop. There’s a lot of information to sift through, but there has to be one thing that really stands out. Tell us your opinion!

I’ll start. My favorite upcoming change will be more indie support on consoles. One of the things I’ve been missing out on for the last decade are the experiences you can only find on the PC. Most higher budget software makes it’s way across the board, but indie’s tend to gravitate to the PC due to the fact that there’s no need for a publisher. Next gen that all changes. Both Sony and Microsoft have been courting the indie development crowd vying for their support. Both are offering significantly easier access to their platforms, and that means the game selection will be larger than ever on console.

Your turn, this is your chance (outside of a forum thread) to have a great next gen conversation.

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Dylan Zellmer

Dylan splits time between games journalism, designing video games, and playing them. Outside of his deep involvement in the games industry, he enjoys It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Shameless, A Song of Ice and Fire, fitness, and family.
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  • Dan

    I think that both Sony and Microsoft have pretty lofty goals of making their systems the centerpiece of your home entertainment system. I’m interested in seeing just how smoothly this will go, or if it just clunky and hard to use.

    • Nicholas Adam Villarreal

      This is really where both consoles seem to be aiming, even with Sony’s attempts to act like that isn’t their main focus. Both of them are entertainment powerhouses, they have support for TV technology that most people can’t even afford yet, and they have Blu-ray disc drives. I share the sentiment – will either one really be able to do all of the entertainment outside of gaming that the panels and demos have presented. I definitely want to find out.

  • *WiddlemeThis*

    You’ve got to love the new game franchises starting up next gen. I’m looking forward to Titanfall and The Division!

  • Ash

    It might seem like a small feature at first, but the “install and download while playing” might be the one thing I’m looking forward to the most on the PS4. That and getting more out of my PS VITA with remote play will be sweet too.

    • WhistlinDixi

      I’m looking forward to remote playing the hell outta the PS4 on the PS Vita. A huge coup when it comes to keeping my girl happy!

    • Both will be great features. My Vita is still relatively new to me, so I have some catching up to do. Any games you’d recommend?

  • THChristian

    Cool story bro, not enough gay porn

    • Maybe there will be on next gen consoles?

  • Pelumi Ajay

    am looking forward to the live pause and the ability to record your games as you play

  • Michael Draven

    PS4, I will never touch an Xbomb Uno from Microsucks! I have never touched an Xbox or 360 either… Just have always hated how the Microsuck fans complained about us PS users, and thought that it was much better. I loved my Sony ever since the first PS, and I have been loyal to them…

  • JC

    The ability to show off gameplay from the console right out of the box is a pretty awesome feature 🙂 Looking forward to seeing games that I may not have with that.

  • zero110100

    Microsoft servers.Hopefully no more issues with multiplayer games.

    • You mean “The Power of the Cloud” right?

  • Jackl


  • Steven Salito

    I liked the family share feature, but seems like they really did away with it…..

    • They had to get rid of that when they changed the concept of the Xbox One, but like Major Nelson said at a recent Q&A we attended, they can add stuff like that back in at later times. Steam just announced something similar I believe.

  • Edward Chan

    Hope will be Family and friends sharing function, playing together on the internet with the game own by one party, able to have more chance play with friends and family, and also possible increase console adoption

  • Zoey Miller

    Recording games would be awesome.