Crowdfunding Projects You Should Pay Attention To 9/12

First of all, we have to remember the brave souls and innocent lives that were lost twelve years ago yesterday; together we stand. God Bless America.

See what we did there? I can’t believe it, but after 20+ weekly installments, I’ve finally managed to muster the courage to change the name of the article. The new heading now reflects the fact that we’re looking all over the world of crowdfunding for deserving projects. We’ll also be pointing out the biggest stinker of the week (if I can find a really poorly planned one that isn’t just a guy crowdsourcing his new PC). This week will also be ushering in the first sanctioned Canadian project we’ve ever covered in the spotlight. We also have a sneak peek of a project creator that’s returning to Kickstarter later this month. Now lets get ready to head back to River City?!


River City Ransom: Underground – Conatus Creative – PC


Oh River City Ransom, how I’ve missed you. Alex and Ryan are two of the first characters I actually remember inflicting virtual beatdowns with. At the very least, River City Ransom is one of my most nostalgic gaming experiences. Being able to literally beat coins out of high school neer-do-wells was one of the most exciting things I’d ever seen. Fast forward 23 years and Conatus Creative has secured the licensing rights to create a sequel with a host of new characters, stores, items and locations. River City Ransom: Underground is currently funding on Kickstarter! Conatus has acquired a license from Million Co. (the company that currently holds the rights to the IP, founded by former Technos staff) to produce a direct sequel. The license means they’re obligated to stick to the script as far as universe and mythos goes, so they won’t, nor do they want to, go off on their own tangent. The team is seriously talented with credits from Microsoft, Kobo, and their audio director has won multiple audio awards for his work in Halo 4, BioShock 2 and more. The team has a realistic goal in mind and is respectfully keeping any stretch goal plans under lock and key until they know for sure that their goal is in sight. Won’t you help bring back a piece of NES history!? Head over to Kickstarter and barf out some coins for Conatus!


Mighty No. 9 – Comcept – PC, Mac, Linux, (Uber close to PS3, 360 and Wii U versions!)


We’ve already gone ahead and included Mighty No. 9 in the spotlight when it first launched. But the Mega Man spiritual successor has already amassed over $2M in funding and has 19 days to go, which is something you’ve got to keep an eye on. The next highly important milestone comes when the next $160K is raised. The team at Comcept, headed by Keiji Inafune has already deflated their console port number by $300K to make the goal ever the more reasonable. Inafune has a seriously talented team at his back and after recently leaving his longtime employer, Capcom, he’s ready to make Mighty No. 9 happen. If you’d like to read up on more of the games features and what not, check out last week’s article. Otherwise throw on the blue bodysuit and strike a hero pose **does just that** and toss Comcept some cash to help them reach a platform near you!

OTON Game Console – EnGeniux – Game Platform


OTON is by design a “next generation” autonomous game console. What the hell!?!? Are you talking about Skynet!? Not really. The creators at EnGeniux claim that the device can self-create 2D and 3D games without human input. Thus providing free games without any DRM requirements. The system specs include a rear projector quad-core CPU, ARM Cortex-A9 micro-architecture, a single HDMI output that supports up to 1900×1200 pixels, 3 USB 2.0 ports, an ethernet port, analog stereo and multi-channel audio support, and multiplayer provided by GamerPeer. There’s also 16GB of flash storage on-board and 2GB free cloud space available. on paper and in concept this thing sounds fantastic, but here’s the deal. The project creators offer ZERO proof of concept. They simply animate a level design on screen and say it’s so. We’re supposed to take their word that proof of concept exists when all they’ve shown are hand drawn assets and painfully out of focus algorithm syntax!? The money EnGenuix is asking for will go towards engine creation, a sprite database, and creation tools. However, the flexible funding monster rears it’s ugly head once again. With a goal of $750K and just $970 in funding with a meager 4 days left in it’s funding period, there’s no way OTON will see the light of day. It’s readily apparent that only the most naive of backers have pledged any funds towards this crowdfunding tragedy. Check out the pitch video for yourself, and if I’ve missed something really important I’ll eat a week old sandwich.

Like the gang from It’s Always Sunny, I find myself flying off the handle when thinking about the folks behind the OTON receiving any funding, but it’s out of my hands, that’s what crowdfunding is all about. If you THINK a project sounds great, it’s within your rights to give it money. I’m still relatively hot coming off that last paragraph, but I think I may be able to settle down a bit if I let the warm feelings of nostalgia wrap my person once again. The blue guy and the River City bros both get my collective stamp of approval this week. Both projects and their creators alike has the talent and experience to make their respective projects happen. Like always, check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date with all of our goings on. I’m tentatively scheduling the spotlight for next Thursday, but we’ll be all full of NY style cuisine and jet-lagged after our trip to the Digital Media Wire conference in Manhattan, so I’m not making any promises.

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