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The Humble Bundle continues to be a fantastic way to support deserving charities and secure some great games at a fabulous price. EA‘s recent Humble Origin Bundle ended up raising $10.5M for charity. The newest notable Humble Bundle comes by way of the indie development community. Double Fine, Klei, Polytron, Frozenbyte and Subset have all offered their wares in the name of charity in one of the more impressive Humble Indie Bundles to date. As of this writing the Humble Indie Bundle 9 has raised over $1.5M and if you’re a PC, Mac, or Linux gamer I highly recommend purchasing this acclaimed bundle. The games offered are:

Trine 2: Complete Story – Frozenbyte

Mark of the Ninja – Klei Entertainment

Eets Munchies – Klei Entertainment

Brutal Legend – Double Fine Productions

Fez – Polytron Corporation

FTL: Faster than Light – Subset Games

Each game has something different to offer and two of my personal favorite 2D platformers are present. Mark of the Ninja and Trine 2 are prime examples of the high quality indies can bring to the table. Open your wallet for a donation and walk away with some awesome games on your choice of platform, c’mon, go ahead.

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Dylan Zellmer

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