Ouya CEO “Our Attach Rates Are Higher Than Other F2P Platforms”


We recently had the chance to ask Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman how she felt about Ouya’s current attach rate and what will help bolster said numbers in the future. Uhrman quickly stated, “I’m thrilled about the attach rates, they’re higher than what we’re seeing on other F2P platforms and mobile.” She seemed to tout the Ouya’s big success story, Towerfall at almost every turn.

Back in July, just a month after the console launched several developers reported slightly less attractive attach rates for their software. Namely Ryan Weimeyer (Oregon Trail) spoke to the fact that his game had an attach rate of just 3% and he didn’t know whether the man hours that it took to port to Ouya were worth it. The same can be said of Shay Pierce, responsible for porting the sumo wrestling simulation Get on Top to the Ouya. Pierce said that the game had only managed to make $728 after Ouya’s 30% cut.

In contrast to the aforementioned horror stories, Uhrman noted that, “We have a higher revenue per user than tablet users today, greater than 1/3.” It was earlier reported that Ouya’s attach rate was approximately 27%. Meaning since July there’s had to have been at least a 7% increase in attach rates on the Ouya platform. That fact alone lends a bit of hope to the crowdfunded device.

However, moving forward the Ouya will have a considerable amount of competition in the Android home console space. Game Stick will offer nearly the same type of experience at $79.99 versus Ouya’s $99.99 price point. There’s no telling where developers will flock as of yet, but the Ouya may be in for a fight considering the fact that PlayJam also funded Game Stick on Kickstarter.

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