Klei Entertainment Offers Incognita Alpha Access For $17


Klei Entertainment‘s turn based espionage thriller, Incognita is now available for pre-order. A $17 pre-order also nets you access to the Alpha build of the game and a digital copy to give to a friend when the game launches.

The Alpha consists of a single (randomly generated) level with a few enemies and little to no progression. Early Alpha typically means that most of the games features haven’t been implemented, and that seems to be the case here. What the Alpha does contain is core tactical and strategic systems, as well as the game engine, UI and procedural generation.

Klei is looking for early access users to share thoughts and feedback in their official forums to help the development process. The developer isn’t coy about the process moving forward stating, “We’re also expecting major bugs to pop up during the development, as much as we try to avoid them.”

The pre-order is available over at the games official page here. $17 for what amounts to early access and two copies of the game doesn’t seem like a bad proposition. If you purchase Incognita and happen to have an extra key, why not toss it our way!?

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Dylan Zellmer

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