PlayStation Vita TV Already Sold Out On Amazon Japan


Sony‘s Monday press conference held several valuable pieces of information. Namely the release date of the PlayStation 4 in Japanese territories and a surprising micro-console announcement. That’s right, the PS Vita has been stuffed into a small white box and built to connect to your television (if you currently live in Japan). PlayStation Vita TV will grant access to entertainment apps like Hulu and it will also play select PSP and PS Vita games. The major selling point is that the little box will retain the full remote play integration Sony has been talking about with the PlayStation 4.

The entertainment streaming, Vita/PSP play and PS4 remote play capabilities have taken Japan by storm. So much so that the PS Vita TV standalone and value pack including a Dual Shock 3 controller and an 8GB memory card are both currently sold out on! No word as to how many units have been manufactured for the November 14th, 2013 launch, but the sell out is impressive nonetheless.

If you’re in Japan, or are interested in importing a Vita TV, there’s reportedly still pre-orders available at Yodobashi.

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Dylan Zellmer

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