The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up Week #19


Welcome to the newest feature of the Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up. As you read last week, I’m converting what happens on the shows in to stock figures. This is just to get a feel for how the performers in the two nationally televised companies that use TV as their main form of presentation are being shown to the fans. I looked through the list that I compiled for changes in stock, and came to the conclusion that there will only be a penalty for stocks in relation to to whether or not they appear if they do not appear on aired television at all, as opposed to not being on-screen outside of matches. Other than that, everything else remains the same. With that, let’s take a look at who did well and who did poorly this week, at least by how WWE and TNA presented them.


Top Stocks:
Randy Orton: 71.50 (65 +10%)
Daniel Bryan: 61.05 (55 +11%)
CM Punk: 57.75 (55 +5%)
Rob Van Dam: 51.50 (50 +3%)
Alberto Del Rio: 57.20 (55 +4%)
Non-Top Stock Gains:
Dean Ambrose: 47.25 (45 +5%)
The Shield (Rollins & Reigns): 45.90 (45 +2%)
The Miz: 35.70 (35 +2%)
Big Show: 37.80 (35 +8%)
Kofi Kingston: 35.75 (25 +6% +9.25)
R-Truth: 26.00 (25 +4%)
The Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro): 35.7 (35 +2%)
AJ Lee:31.50 (30 +5%)
Damien Sandow: 45.45 (45 -1%)
Non-Top Stock Losses:
Fandango: 34.65 (35 -1%)
Dolph Ziggler: 31.15 (35 -11%)
3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre, Jinder Mahal): 31.15 (35 -11%)
The Prime Time Players: 34.65 (35 -1%)
Cody Rhodes: 0 (In-story released from contract, would be 35 +1% if the match with Orton was not You’re Fired)
Justin Gabriel: 24.25 (25 -3%)
The Usos: 33.95 (35 -3%)
Curtis Axel: 43.65 (45 -3%)
No Change:
The rest of the Diva’s roster: 25
Excluded From Consideration:
Triple H: COO of WWE
Brad Maddox: GM of RAW
Stephanie McMahon: WWE Executive
Vickie Guerrero: GM of SmackDown
Paul Heyman: Manager of Curtis Axel
Zeb Colter: Manager of the Real Americans

The most surprising drop on this list has got to be Dolph Ziggler, who was, just a few months ago, in contention for the World Heavyweight Championship, and actually held the belt for a month. Why they couldn’t have given him even a token victory this week is beyond me. Curtis Axel is the only title holder to have an overall down week. Of course, that’s just because Damien Sandow’s stock is only on the up since he wrestled only once this week, made one of his speeches, and got the chance to talk on SmackDown so he could gloat about Cody’s release from the company. The Diva’s roster, by merit of being accessories to AJ Lee for the most part, can’t be considered to have moved at all, regardless of what they’ve done on the show. Still, considering how many people on the roster were left off, this list is only going to expand when WWE tosses somebody on the show for kicks.


Top Stocks:
Bully Ray:68.25 (65 +5%)
Sting:59.95 (55 +9%)
AJ Styles:54 (50 +8%)
Bobby Roode:51 (50 +2%)
Magnus:51 (50 +2%)
Austin Aries:51 (50 +2%)
Non-Top Stock Gains:
Knux:26.25 (25 +5%)
Wes Brisco & Garrett Bischoff:35.75 (25 +7% +9)
Mickie James:31.80 (30 +6%)
ODB:26.25 (25 +5%)
Jay Bradley:25.50 (25 +2%)
Mr. Anderson36.40 (35 +4%)
Non-Top Stock Losses:
Chris Sabin:49.5 (50 -1%)
Gunner & James Storm:44.1 (45 -2%)
Pretty Much Everybody Else in the BFG Series: -1%
Excluded From Consideration:
Hulk Hogan: General Manager
Eric Young: Corner Man for Joseph Park
Brooke Tessmacher: Valet for Bully Ray
Tito Ortiz & Rampage Jackson: MMA fighters

Well, we got a few shockers, mostly that Aces & Eights can actually be competent in the ring if they want to be. Other than that, you could see most of what happened coming from a country mile as far as who they built up and who they jobbed out. The really big surprise was that the Tag Team Champions lost to quite possibly the worst members of Aces & Eights. True, Aces and Eights did cheat, but that doesn’t do much to mitigate things.

That’s it for this week. Want to join in the conversation? Feel free to comment below!

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