The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up Week #19


The Stories
= The show opened with every single entrant in the Bound for Glory series doing quick-cut style interviews. Both Hernandez and Jay Bradley noted that there was no way for them to get in to the final four, but Super-Mex said he would help somebody, while Bradley said he was going to ruin somebody’s night. After the gauntlet match, AJ Styles talked about how he just got to the top of the BFG Series, and how he’s going to win it. AJ Styles actually said that Austin Aries was the one man to whom he didn’t want to lose in the series, so he’d take on Aries first. Aries said the fans would win with that one, and wished AJ good luck. After that, Bobby Roode said that he planned for this to happen. He told Magnus that in spite of having the most points for most of the BFG Series, Magnus was the weak link, so Roode would win the BFG Series and become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Magnus said that Roode needed help – from Statler and Waldorf (the Muppets) – but Magnus won on his own. However, while Roode had E.G.O., he had the Main Event Mafia. He said that he would capture the title for the first time at Bound For Glory. Jeremy Borash said things were finalized, and wished them all good luck.
= After the intro video, the regular show had TNA Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray came out with the Aces & Eights and addressed his group, clearing the air. He sang Tito Ortiz’s praises, then patched things up with Mr. Anderson. After that, he declared that the rest of the night would belong to the Aces & Eights. He detailed four matches with the members, including Anderson’s participation in the BFG Series gauntlet battle royal. He said that was it. Later on, Knux celebrated his match victory. After the battle royal, Bully Ray lectured Mr. Anderson about his failures, and Mr. Anderson snapped. Bully Ray threatened Anderson, and told him not to disappoint him again. In the main event, Bully told Sting and everybody else that this was a non-title match. Hulk Hogan came out and ejected Tito Ortiz from ring side, and changed the match to No Disqualification. After Mr. Anderson refused to give Bully Ray the hammer in the main event, he let Bully tap out. He then told Bully Ray that he was the one challenging for the title at the No Surrender special event.
= Mickie James came out and did a rock star “Hello, Cleveland!” shout. She talked up the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She said she was going to have an amazing performance at the VMAs, but she wasn’t invited. Then she mentioned Miley Cyrus’ performance, and talked about her greatness both outside and inside the ring. Eventually, ODB came out and noted that Miley Cyrus is sacrilege in the home of rock and roll. ODB said that Mickie should be worrying about the title match. Mickie said that ODB was a star, ODB wasn’t, tried to cheap shot her, and got taken out. ODB held the belt high, then got in James’ face, pulled off Mickie’s top to reveal a strapless bra, and sent Mickie to the back after saying that Mickie would never be rock and roll.
= Sting was backstage with Rampage Jackson talking about his match against Bully Ray. Jackson was clarifying with Sting that he couldn’t challenge for the title ever again. Sting said he had done so much in his career that he didn’t need the title anymore. He then said he was going to take Bully Ray down.
= Following his loss, Chris Sabin was backstage with Velvet Sky, talking about how angry he is with the way that he’s had to deal with the Aces & Eights, specifically with the hammer. Velvet tried to make him calm, but he just stormed off, still angry.
= The Bound for Glory Series gauntlet kicked off with Hernandez and Jay Bradley because they are mathematically eliminated from the top four. Bradley said they could add value, and even treat it as a business opportunity. Bradley even got on the mic before the match to ask Hernandez for a decision, only to get attacked.
The Wrestling
Knux def. Chris Sabin via DQ when Sabin hit Knux in the head with a hammer
Bound for Glory Gauntlet Battle Royal: AJ Styles wins the battle royal to win 20 points in the BFG Series
Order of Entry
1. Jay Bradley
2. Hernandez
3. Joseph Park
4. Mr. Anderson
5. Samoa Joe
6. AJ Styles
7. Kazarian
8. Christopher Daniels
9. Jeff Hardy
10. Bobby Roode
11. Austin Aries
12. Magnus
Order of Elimination
1. Joseph Park (by AJ Styles)
2. Mr. Anderson (by Samoa Joe)
3. Hernandez (by Bad Influence)
4. Jay Bradley (by AJ Styles)
5. Samoa Joe (by E.G.O.)
6. Jeff Hardy (by Bobby Roode)
7. Kazarian (by AJ Styles)
8. Magnus (by Christopher Daniels)
9. Austin Aries (by AJ Styles)
10. Bobby Roode (by AJ Styles)
11. Christopher Daniels (by AJ Styles)
Tornado Tag Match (non-title): Aces & Eights (Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco) def. TNA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Gunner & James Storm via pin fall after a chain shot.
No Disqualification (non-title): Sting def. TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Bully Ray via submission with the Scorpion Death Lock
The Bound for Glory Series – Final Four:
AJ Styles
Austin Aries
Bobby Roode
What Worked
= As completely slap-dash as this BFG Series payoff feels, AJ Styles deserves to be in the final four, so giving him the win and half of the eliminations (with Samoa Joe getting one and the combined forces of E.G.O. getting the other five) really builds him as the man to beat. Styles could still use a little work in getting people interested when he’s on the microphone, but his in-ring work is always good to great. I can’t wait for the three matches next week at No Surrender.
= The reveal of Mr. Anderson taking Hulk Hogan’s offered title challenge was completely unsurprising, but it was still a great payoff. He has one of the most long-winded catch phrases ever (seriously, even Bret Hart didn’t need to catch his breath when he used his “the best” statement), but in this case, it was good.
= Finally, the focus in the Knockouts division is back on the Knockouts champion Mickie James. Sure, two supposedly active competitors in the division (Brooke Tessmacher and Velvet Sky) were background characters for other roster members, but the fact that they’re bothering to feature the Knockouts division with coherent plots is a plus.
= Jay Bradley is the only person left from the Gut Check challenge, so I liked that they bothered to do something more than making him look like a joke this week. It even adds a little intrigue as to who wanted AJ out of the match, although it’s most likely E.G.O. I have my doubts about where they go after this, but at least for this week, they did right by the man.
Needs Work
= So you have James Storm & Gunner, who won the tag team titles when they faced off against three other teams, one of which has both members in the final four of the Bound for Glory Series, lose to a couple people that have been built as bumbling lackeys. Why do I get the feeling that we can only go down from here?
The Sting bit backstage felt a little like filler. I’m glad the man isn’t being put in to the big pay-per-view matches anymore, but I also don’t like when he’s tossed in to throwaway matches. It’s even worse when said throwaway match is the main event.

No Ring of Honor report this week due to time constraints. I’ll try to make it a double shot next time to make up for it.


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