The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up Week #19

The WWE keeps chugging along in to Night of Champions, TNA had its final show before its No Surrender special event, and the column gets a new feature! Sit back and enjoy!


As usual, the Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up is only an analysis of the pro wrestling that is nationally aired in the United States on television. There will be no mention of internet screenings, save for special occasions, and companies that only broadcast to one locality and its general vicinity will also not be of note. That being said, if the internet is a viewing option, and it is the only one available, that will be used. Let’s get to the article!


The Stories

= Triple H opened the show, with The Shield once again at ring side. Yet again, he brought out WWE CHAMPION Randy Orton. Orton got on the microphone and said that he would protect the image of the WWE, and that includes the prestige of the WWE Champion, because disrespecting him was disrespecting the company. Orton explained that Bryan’s actions last Monday were directly responsible for Orton’s actions on SmackDown. He then went on to verbally run down Daniel Bryan. Triple H stepped in and said that he was responsible for giving the fans the best show possible, but he was also responsible for the health and well-being of all of the WWE superstars. He said Daniel Bryan’s ego was getting him in to trouble, because Bryan was confusing popularity with good business. He likened Bryan to Doink the Clown, and mentioned bringing back the Cruiserweight or European championships. Daniel Bryan came to the ramp. He said he was thrilled to be compared to Doink. He then said that Doink never got the same kinds of cheers that Daniel Bryan gets. After that, he said he knew exactly why Randy and Triple H would want him to give up his title shot, but he wasn’t going to be. Orton asked Bryan how much it would take to make him realize he wasn’t going to win the title back. Daniel Bryan made a speech about how he had to claw and scrape for every single bit of his career, while Randy was given everything. He said he knows he can beat Randy for the title. He said that Orton used The Shield and Triple H’s power because he couldn’t defeat Daniel Bryan on his own. He then ran down Orton. Triple H tried to redirect Bryan’s anger on to The Big Show. He booked Show and Bryan in the main event.
= In the locker room, Booker T came to talk to Daniel Bryan. He said that the fight against Orton and Triple H was one he couldn’t win, so maybe Bryan should back out. Bryan said that it was his life. Booker said that he believed in Bryan, but he needed to tread lightly. Bryan left, annoyed at Booker’s advice. Later on, Brad Maddox informed Triple H and Stephanie McMahon that Big Show refused to fight. Stephanie McMahon went out to the ring and brought out Big Show. Stephanie said that there are consequences to refusing to perform, such as being in breach of contract – not a good thing, since he is practically broke. She then got personal, bringing up the lack of other employment opportunities for him, and his short life span. She said he would do his job, apologized that he was hurting, and said she was hurting more. Show was left in the ring holding back tears. Afterward, Big Show destroyed a small production area. After that, Big Show came to see Daniel Bryan, saying that he didn’t want to have the match, but he had a lot of pressure. Bryan told Show that he was going to handle Show. Show tried to reason with Bryan, but Bryan just brought up the fact that he beat Show for his first World Heavyweight Championship, then left.
= In the main event, the entire roster paraded out to watch Bryan take on the Big Show. Big Show refused to finish the match, so the Shield attacked Daniel Bryan. Show went to stop it, but Triple H forced him to back off. Stephanie McMahon came out, got him to go back to the ring, and watched as Show tearfully gave a battered and beaten Daniel Bryan a KO Punch. Randy Orton simply came out to simply stand over the fallen Daniel Bryan to close the broadcast.
= Elsewhere, Paul Heyman got in Brad Maddox’s face about putting his fate in the hands of the fans. Before Maddox could get in a word, Triple H came in and said that he approved everything that happened to Heyman last week. It was because he was tired of seeing Heyman weasel his way out of the situation. Either way, Triple H wins, because it’s what’s best for business. Later in the show, CM Punk came out to the ring with a kendo stick. He said that he promised that there would be no more empty threats, since he’s said what he had to say, Heyman said what he had to say, and now, he wants to fight. He said that he would destroy Heyman – and Curtis Axel. However, he wasn’t there to say anything to Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel, he was there to say something to the fans. He said that at Night of Champions, he would get his hands on Paul Heyman, and he would break Heyman’s face.
= Backstage, Triple H and Randy Orton ran in to Cody Rhodes and just had a quick bit of catching up. Cody said the main event would be good – as long as nobody interfered. He then asked why Randy would want to avoid a match with Daniel Bryan, since there was no way he was afraid. He then said that Bryan versus Orton was best for business. Triple H digressed a bit, talking about Cody’s upcoming wedding, and that his wedding present was a “You’re Fired” match against Randy Orton. After Cody lost, Triple H came out and called for the fans to cheer Rhodes. He then said that in spite of personal feelings, especially since it was something he regrets, Cody is fired. Later, as Cody was leaving, he said that Orton deserved his win. He then said that the McMahons have hated the Rhodes Family for twenty years, bringing up Dusty and Goldust’s careers, before walking out.
= Bray Wyatt made a speech about Icarus that he related to his rivalry with Kane. He didn’t actually answer where Kane is, save to say that he made his bed of fire, and now he’s burning in it.
= Brie Bella, Naomi, and Natalya were all backstage, and Stephanie McMahon made the Diva’s Championship match a fatal four-way.
Main Event
= Prior to his match, R-Truth rapped his entrance song. His opponent, Damien Sandow, made a speech about how he was happy that Cody Rhodes was released from his contract. He then said that he was going to decimate his opponents until he cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract.
= Following the tag match, Bray Wyatt gave Darren Young the Kiss Good Night.
= Triple H was in the ring with Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero. He explained his reasons for the release of Cody Rhodes. The Shield was acting as a ring side security force. He had the roster on the ramp to host a town hall type gathering. However, the roster was reticent because they knew the potential consequences. Damien Sandow finally stepped up to the microphone and commended HHH for firing Cody. After that, Kofi Kingston questioned whether living in an environment of fear was good for business. Heath Slater interrupted to insult Big Show and praise HHH. Rob Van Dam said he came back because he thought things were better, but the vibe was not cool. HHH complimented RVD. Ryback stepped up and said he was tired of being called a bully. HHH gave him a clean rematch against Dolph Ziggler. HHH noted Daniel Bryan’s absence, and Bryan’s ego. He gave Daniel Bryan a match against a single Shield member. He then booked Kofi against Curtis Axel, and made the opening match Randy Orton versus RVD.
= Backstage, Daniel Bryan gave an interview with Renee Young. He said he was told not to be at the town hall forum, he wanted to be the WWE champion, and The Shield could choose who to face him. He just knew that he could beat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Before his main event match, it looked like Roman Reigns would take on Daniel Bryan, only for Seth Rollins to blindside him. After Bryan won his match, Randy Orton took him out on the ramp with a belt shot, standing tall to end SmackDown.
= Following Curtis Axel’s loss to Kofi Kingston, Renee Young caught up with Paul Heyman. Heyman brushed off the loss, saying that the focus upon CM Punk led to them failing to adequately develop a strategy for other roster members, Kofi included. He went on to say that CM Punk may have promised to bring his worst self, but Paul Heyman was a much worse person than CM Punk can imagine. After Renee made a redundant statement, Heyman stormed out of the building.
= Elsewhere, Big Show talked with HHH about how angry he is. Triple H sympathized with him, and put him in a match against 3MB to vent his anger.
= In a random corridor, AJ Lee ran in to three other women excluded from Total Divas – Layla, Alicia Fox, and Aksana. They were cold to her, but AJ said she understood. She said she would rather be defending the belt against the three. He got them riled up against the Total Divas, and then began to devise a plan. During a match between Brie Bella and Naomi, all four of them came out and attacked the Bellas and the Funkadactyls, leaving all four Total Divas stars laid out. She declared herself as the Diva’s Champion and raised the title high.

The Wrestling

The Miz def. Fandango via submission with the Figure Four Leg Lock
Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler via pin fall after Dean Ambrose took out Ziggler with a sneak attack
The Prime Time Players def. 3MB (Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre w/ Jinder Mahal) via pin fall after a choke bomb
One-Way You’re Fired Match (non-title): WWE CHAMPION Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes via pin fall after an RKO
#1 Contender’s Diva’s Title Match (w/ AJ Lee on guest commentary): Natalya, Naomi, and Brie Bella fought to a no contest after AJ Lee ran in, only to get beaten down by the stars of Total Divas
Rob Van Dam def. Damien Sandow via pin fall after a Five Star Frog Splash
Daniel Bryan def. Big Show via disqualification after The Shield interfered
Main Event
Fandango def. Justin Gabriel via pin fall after a top rope leg drop
R-Truth def. Damien Sandow via pin fall after a reverse STO
The Wyatt Family (Rowan & Harper) def. The Prime Time Players via pin fall with a spinning clothesline
WWE CHAMPION Randy Orton def. Rob Van Dam via pin fall after an RKO. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Alberto Del Rio was at ring side as a guest announcer, and attacked RVD after the match
Ryback def. Dolph Ziggler via pin fall with the Shell Shock
Kofi Kingston def. INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION Curtis Axel via pin fall with an SOS
Brie Bella and Naomi went to a no contest due to interference from Layla, Alicia Fox, Aksana, and AJ Lee
Big Show def. 3MB via pin fall after a KO Punch
Daniel Bryan def. Seth Rollins via pin fall after a Busaiku Knee

What Worked

= The way they keep building the match between Orton and Bryan is great. Sure, I don’t entirely care for the inclusion of the Big Show, as it is completely ridiculous and pointless to do so, but overall, if I had the money, I would be planning to get Night of Champions solely for this match.
= Speaking of money matches, CM Punk noting that it was kind of ridiculous for him to keep talking to Paul Heyman about things was a stroke of genius on the part of whoever it is that let him say it. This is another match that has sold me on Night of Champions.
= AJ Lee is the most interesting Diva on the roster right now, and even when she’s getting completely owned, it keeps me glued to the screen. I want this to keep going, either so somebody can come in and prove her totally wrong, or so that Total Divas can have its total irrelevance to the wrestling programs put on display for everybody.
= Cody Rhodes got a bigger reaction fighting against Randy Orton on RAW for his career than he did against Damien Sandow for vindication at SummerSlam. If Cody comes back with the sole purpose of taking down the McMahons because suddenly he realized that that family has never done right by his family, that will be a whole new dimension for the guy. I would totally buy in to Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes aligning to take down Triple H and his regime at this point. Sure, he got released, but if it was to make his return, whenever it happens, a really big deal, mission accomplished.
Main Event
= I have said it before and I will say it again, I am always happy when more emphasis is placed upon the wrestling aspect of the company. Even the stuff that happened outside of the matches was related to the matches. That makes me a happy camper.
= This was just a good show from top to bottom. It wasn’t the greatest thing since whatever somebody invented to be better than Sliced Bread #2, but absolutely nothing felt like filler. Even the match between the Usos and the Real Americans had a simple, logical reason behind it. The only off part was technically a replay from RAW, so I don’t factor that in.

Needs Work

= As happy as I was to see AJ Lee insert herself in to the Number One Contender’s match, that was partly because the match itself was as dull and boring as AJ accused the divas on Total Divas of being. We know that at least two of the women in there can go, and Natalya could probably have set up a decent three-way match if she allowed to do so. You really can’t make a heel a heel if your own actions prove her totally correct.
= I get that The Big Show hates having his hands tied when every fiber of his being is saying to help Daniel Bryan. I get that the whole situation upsets him. However, a man that refuses to compete for fear of hurting somebody is either portraying himself as sloppy, as incredibly arrogant, or as somebody that does not think his opponent can handle a match with him. If he didn’t want to wrestle on the grounds that, win or lose, Bryan was going to get attacked and he still couldn’t do a thing about it, that would have worked for me. As it stands, this explanation was just stupid.
= The Bray Wyatt video was not quite as good as I think some of the writers envisioned. I dedn’s care one bit about where Kane is, or about the way that Bray tricked Kane in to doing exactly what they wanted him to do. This started out awesome, but it has slowly become the low point of the night.
Main Event
= As much as I like to see a wrestling-centered show, the continued losing streak that Dean Ambrose is suffering seems set to doom him to a Jack Swagger World Heavyweight Championship run, i.e. a forgettable reign that actually serves to weaken the character. That is never a good thing.
= And just as Bray is uninspiring outside of the ring, the other two men are black holes of interest. Even worse, they beat a team on a hot streak, ensuring that he tag team division remains stagnant.
= Why the heck didn’t Fandango correct the announcer on the proper pronunciation of his name? It’s been a huge point of contention throughout his run. Big oversight.
= As I said before, the show had nothing egregiously wrong with it. Heck, the writers bothered to remember that there are more women on the roster besides AJ and the reality stars.It kind of makes you wonder how much RAW’s quality would improve if it was cut back to two hours.


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