Madden 25 Sells Over One Million Copies In It’s First Week


The Madden football franchise is one of the biggest and most anticipated annual releases. This year marked the 25th anniversary of the franchise, and with it came several changes. Changes that our Madden 25 reviewer, Ian, was very fond of. The coveted football franchise is console exclusive, but that hasn’t stopped it from raking in a huge amount of cash. The newest installment had sold over a million copies in it’s first four days at retail according to VGChartz.

the number of sales per platform is nearly equal with the Xbox 360 edging out with less than 100,000 more sales than the PlayStation 3. Madden 25 topped the overall sales chart as far as software goes the week of August 31st and will likely see several more strong weeks of sales before current gen sales start to simmer down. Lest we not forget that there’s still an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release of Madden 25 on the way using EA’s new Ignite Engine. Between current and next gen software sales, this very well could be Madden’s biggest year ever.

Dylan Zellmer

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