Capcom’s Releases It’s First Deep Down Gameplay Trailer


We’ve seen bits and pieces of footage from Capcom since Deep Down‘s tech demo at the PlayStation 4 reveal. It was later announced that a playable demo would be available at TGS 2013. A few caveats of information came with the TGS announcement including the fact that Deep Down was being developed as an online game. The phrase “reading memory RPG” was uttered, and only now with the gameplay trailer do we understand what that means.


Like Ubisoft‘s Assassin’s Creed series, it looks like players will be reliving the memories of past warriors in a high tech setting. Via the trailer it sounds like only gifted individuals will be able to take part in this type of scenario.

We look forward to seeing a bit more about Deep Down later this month at TGS, until then the gameplay reveal will have to do.

Dylan Zellmer

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