Sony’s PlayStation 4 In Mass Production, One Million Units From A Single Facility


Remember when Major Nelson tweeted a pair of photos chronicling the first pallet of Xbox One consoles leaving the assembly line? Well, Sony may be a bit further ahead in production than we’d thought. A NeoGAF member grabbed a pair of leaked photos from baidu showing a staggering amount of PlayStation 4 consoles ready for shipment from a single facility.

According to the leaker, his boss had stated one million PS4 consoles would be leaving their facility alone, presumably for the November 15th launch. Like we mentioned sometime ago, they’re not the only factory producing PlayStation 4 consoles. In late July the PlayStation 4 passed it’s FCC inspection readying the hardware for mass import. The documents the FCC provided cited both China and Japan as manufacturing territories.

Back in August it was revealed that the PlayStation 4 had already surpassed the one million mark for pre-orders internationally. The newest domestic pre-sale numbers show over half a million PS4 pre-orders as of August 24th.

Hopefully Sony’s herculean efforts to produce next gen hardware can keep up with consumer demand.


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Dylan Zellmer

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