REVOBEING’s Crystal Arena Will Bring DotA And LoL Style Gameplay To Mobile


Mobile gaming continues to evolve as a platform, so much so that a China based development team, REVOBEING wants to bring their DotA and LoL inspired gameplay to Android and iOS. Crystal Arena puts you in control of powerful heroes called Einherjar, similar to those you find in DotA and LoL. Each hero comes from a different universe, and therefore, packs a wholly different skill set. Each hero will have a set of four powerful abilities to utilize in battle. The Einherjar lead small armies of humans, dwarves, elves, and other mysterious creatures into battle against forces that threaten the nine universes.

The really fun part about Crystal Arena is it’s focus on strategy. You won’t be spoon feeding your enemy minions, unless you’re performing poorly, that is. A good amount of your time with the game will be dedicated to gathering the resources necessary to train your soldiers. You’ll be able to upgrade their combat skills and available spells, making them a force to be reckoned with. The deep soldier customization is what sets Crystal Arena apart from traditional MOBA games. Different classes of sentries exist giving you the ability to tailor your approach. You’ll have to master your Einherjar, sentries and devise sound strategies in order to be successful.


The story mode is a strong emphasis, but a full fledged PvP battle system will also be available. Defeating enemies in the PvP arena nets you rank points and even bonus rewards. Rank points and bonus rewards are used to more competently arm yourself against the evil you face in the single player campaign.

But what about the controls? I know it seems like a hard sell. Most mobile control schemes don’t afford a serious strategy atmosphere, making most everything automated. Crystal Arena will blend AI control with real time strategy elements to present the whole package. Your units will engage in battle automatically, but you determine their structure and deployment on-the-fly. You’ll also control your Einherjar during gameplay sessions, learning all of the subtle strategies that make you more effective. The Einherjar are designed to be easy to pick up and use, but they’ll each feature a ton of depth that will also speak to the hardcore crowd.

REVOBEING is currently in the midst of crowdfunding Crystal Arena on Kickstarter. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore strategy fan, Crystal Arena has something for you. REVOBEING’s backers have spoken and the game is now planned for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. What’s really appealing about Crystal Arena is the fact that it will pack all the features we’re used to seeing in traditional MOBA’s, and then some, with the ability to play it literally anywhere.

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Dylan Zellmer

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