Telltale Aims For An Early October The Wolf Among Us Release


A source within Telltale Games has notified iGR that “We’re targeting an early October release date for the season premiere of The Wolf Among Us. The Wolf Among Us is Telltale’s most recent license acquisition. Based on the award winning DC/Vertigo comic Fables, The Wolf Among Us will have us playing as Bigby Wolf (a reformed Big Bad Wolf). Bigy is in charge of keeping the secret community chock full of characters from our childhood bedtime stories alive and ambiguous.

Characters like Mr. Toad and at least one of the Three Little Pigs are neatly packed away in a clandestine neighborhood within New York City. Our memories will likely fail us during Telltale’s narrative. The fables have had to conform to a rough urban neighborhood in order to survive, and most of them are shells of their former selves.


Telltale has a busy fall ahead of them. We’ve also known for sometime that the studio is targeting autumn for the second season of The Walking Dead. That’s not to say they’ve taken any sort of break since the end of season one of The Walking Dead. Back in early July the team released a small DLC pack for the Walking Dead titled 400 Days, and May saw the release of Poker Night 2.

The Wolf Among Us is coming to the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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