The PlayStation 4 Still Outpacing The Xbox One In U.S. Based Pre-Order Totals


Remember way back in June when we were in the midst of E3? We do, it was a hellish cycle of eye candy, information, note taking, and regurgitation. One of the big pieces of news to come out of the convention was an estimate of the PS4 vs Xbox One pre-order numbers. At that point Sony was outweighing Microsoft 3:2.

We’re now heading into Fall, ever the more closer to the holiday season when these monster machines will invade our living rooms, and not much has changed. New pre-order estimates from VGChartz still show the PlayStation 4 head and shoulders in front of the Xbox One.

We’re roughly three months away from the next generation and the PlayStation 4 has over half a million U.S. based pre-orders; around 600,000 in total, up from around 75,000 during E3. The Xbox One is sitting at an estimated 350,000 U.S pre-orders to date. That means Sony has actually grown it’s lead from 3:2 to 12:7. It’s jarring to see the difference, really.

We know that Sony had stated PS4 pre-sales were leaps and bounds ahead that of the PS3 and PS2, but it’s feasible that the PlayStation 4 could see over a million domestic pre-orders by the time it launches, and the Xbox One roughly 700-800K by the holidays.

These numbers mean one thing. The eighth console generation is slated to be the largest collective hardware launch in gaming history. Are you getting a PS4 or Xbox One at launch, or will you wait out the seemingly inevitable hardware failures that accompany console launches?

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Dylan Zellmer

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