Housemarque: Resogun Uses 50% Of The PlayStation 4 8GB GDDR5 CPU


Resogun developer Housemarque says it’s game will utilize 50% of the PlayStation 4‘s 8GB GDDR5 CPU and unified architecture to run at 1080P resolution and 60 frames per second. The Finnish studio says that the PS4 specs are “necessary” for Resogun to reach it’s full potential.

“It is not just helping, it is necessary. With unified architecture we can easily split up our memory usage the way we want and still have fast GPU access to the bits written by CPU. We are using more memory than PS3 has in total just for the flying cubes! The GPU and compute shaders are also being heavily utilized for a lot of things.”


“For example, all of the geometry generation (for the cubes and levels), the physics and collisions for the cubes, the particle mayhem you unleash with your Overdrive or Bomb; all of that is being done in compute shaders. There is still plenty of CPU power left over (currently we’re cruising at around 50% CPU usage during gameplay), but with the GPU and compute shaders doing all the fireworks, we do not really even need it,” he added.

Resogun is just one of the many indie games that will launch alongside the PlayStation 4 on November 15th. The visuals and fluidity of gameplay made it one of the standout demos at Gamescom. Another fantastic piece of indie gaming; Octodad: Dadliest Catch will join Resogun on the PlayStation Store at launch. Check out our first hand impressions here!

What do you think of Resogun’s visuals, physics, and billions of particles?

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