Xbox One Release Date Finally Confirmed


Last month at Gamescom EA announced a release date for Need for Speed: Rivals which gave us an unconfirmed release date for the Xbox One. Now Microsoft has finally let the cat outta the bag with a November 22nd Xbox One release date. Just one week after the release of Sony‘s PlayStation 4 (November 15th) console. The Microsoft console will be coming to the 13 territories at launch rather than it’s originally targeted 21.

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to dig itself out of the hole that the May Xbox One reveal had left them in. E3 only compounded the issues. Several policy changes later and we have a console that’s considerably more powerful than what’s currently available on the Xbox 360 while retaining current used game and online requirement policies. Microsoft has also lifted the veil on it’s future support of indie developers with it’s new self-publishing policies that will go into affect on the Xbox One. So what we have now is an updated console that doesn’t take any risks. The innovative nature of the Xbox One has gone the way of the Dodo, but as Major Nelson said at a recent Q&A session, “We’re happy people are happy”

What do you think about two next gen consoles arriving within a week of each other? Will your wallet survive!?!? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Dylan Zellmer

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