Report: Bethesda Insider Confirms Fallout 4 Is In Development


OMFG YES! A blogger over at IGN posted an article called “Can Bethesda Make Fallout 4 the Best Game Of The Next Generation?” wherein a comment is made that actually caused a megaton to shatter my existence, “First things first, I know that Fallout 4 is currently in active development at Bethesda.”

Bethesda hasn’t uttered word one about Fallout 4, they’ve even gone as far as to ask that the press not inquire about it in any way. That makes this news, if it’s confirmed, massive. There’s a pull quote from a level designer that worked on Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, he’d supplied some inside information about New Vegas when it was in development.

“We actually were kicking around some ideas after New Vegas for cool locations for the next Fallout. One of our designers Nathanial Chapman mentioned it’d be really cool to do a Fallout New Orleans. Have an entire city that had like a dam structure and lots of factions and tensions fighting in that city. And then our lead programmer on New Vegas, Frank Kowalkowski, he really wanted to do a Fallout that is set in San Francisco,” Avellone said. “In terms of stuff on the East Coast, there was this really brief mention of this region called the Erie Stretch in the Fallout 3 DLC [The Pit]. And I am really curious to see if they’ll bring that region back in future Fallout installments because it seemed like a really intriguing location to explore.”

If these reports are substantiated I may have need of a new pair of shorts. Is there a new Bethesda Vine video incoming? Make sure to watch Pete Hines’ Twitter in the coming days! Some time ago, Erik Todd, voice actor for Fallout 3’s Three Dog made the comment ,“To all my #Fallout3 and #ThreeDog fans: There may be more of the Dog coming! Fingers crossed!” so it’s possible we could see a return to the capitol wasteland, or somewhere in the immediate area for Fallout 4. We’ll be keeping our ear to the ground for confirmation and will update as soon as we know.

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    I’m a massive fan, glad this is actually coming, incentive to upgrade hopefully before this comes out 😀