New Xbox One Forza Motorsport 5 Gameplay Footage


Early last month we reported that Turn 10‘s Forza Motorsport 5 will require a day one patch due to Microsoft‘s change of policy concerning console connectivity. A Turn 10 representative was on hand to answer a few questions about the racing sim during our hands on time.

It was confirmed that drivatars will be updated each time your console connects to Xbox Live. There was concern that one of Forza 5’s biggest caveats, the drivatar would be rendered useless in the wake of the recent policy changes, but the day one patch and Xbox Live check-ins will update the drivatar AI on a somewhat regular basis.

Our demo of the game left me impressed. I felt that it was superior to the time I had with PlayStation 4‘s Drive Club and the PS3‘s Gran Turismo 6. The fluidity of the frame rate and the haptic feedback of the Xbox One controller give Forza 5 a decidedly different feel. The intense research Turn 10 put into learning about drift and the way that tires actually interact with the road they’re gripping shows almost immediately. The haptic feedback from the Xbox One controller lets you FEEL the difference between a well executed or botched turn. The intensity of the feedback is governed by the level of skid your tires endure during turns.


The real time lighting and insanely in-depth car models gave Forza 5 a visual leg up on it’s competition. The view from inside the cockpit is about as real as it gets. Subtleties like grip changes on the steering wheel and an enhanced mirroring effect in the rear view mirror make Forza 5 a remarkable racing sim.

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