New PlayStation 4 Drive Club Gameplay And Impressions


With Gran Turismo releasing this December for the PlayStation 3, Drive Club will be handling the racing sim duties at the launch of the PlayStation 4. After some recent hands on time with the title I can say that it’s beautiful and intuitive. I was rather skeptical of Evolution Studios undertaking a brand new racing IP on the PlayStation 4. I’m not a huge racing fan to begin with, for the same reason I don’t buy into many sports related sims. I never feel there’s enough new content to warrant regular, or sometimes even yearly installments. Drive Club’s breathtaking visuals, fun gameplay and smooth frame rate made me a believer.

We were able to get some off-screen gameplay of Drive Club at Sony’s GameStop Expo booth. The demo was an alpha build of the game and I was still insanely impressed with the real time lighting and sharp renders. Going with the first person view gave us a look at the much talked about mirroring technology. The view from the rear view mirror was equally amazing; check it out.


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Dylan Zellmer

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