The Weekly Wrestling Wrap-Up #17


The Stories
= The show opened with Bully Ray talking to a woman named Brooke. Bully had a slight altercation with Mr. Anderson over the fact that Tito Ortiz was with Bully in spite of the rest of the club having no advance notice. Later on, Anderson briefed Devon and the rest of the Main Event Mafia about the steel cage match. Before the cage match, Anderson invited Bully Ray to come to the ring to watch history unfold. Anderson invited somebody from the Main Event Mafia to just lay down, which eventually brought out AJ Styles. Styles came out with his Lone Wolf music, but suddenly, “Get Ready To Fly” played, Styles flipped the hood, and revealed that he was wearing his “Phenominal One” ring gear.
= Bully Ray went to the ring with Tito Ortiz, and asked how the fans felt about the way that they got suckered again. He then noted who he is the TNA World Champion, and said that he doesn’t recognize Chris Sabin’s title victory. He let Tito Ortiz have his say a little bit, but eventually got around to bringing out Brooke … TESSMACHER. Brooke and Bully shared a kiss, Bully said he had everything, and Tessmacher pulled off Bully’s wedding ring with her teeth. Bully, Tessmacher, and Tito left after that.
= The three-man group of Bobby Roode, Christopher Daniels, and Frankie Kazarian came out. Roode congratulated Bully Ray for his title victory. However, Roode went on to say that because of that, Bully was the man that Daniels, Roode, and Kazarian were the three men would do anything to defeat. All three men talked up the fact that they were planning on dominating the Bound For Glory series, since they were one fourth of the BFG series. However, Roode said that they could expand. He offered Austin Aries a spot in the group. That brought out James Storm & Gunner, and Storm warned Daniels and Kaz that Roode would turn on them. Storm insulted all of them, then said he was ready for a fight just as soon as he got ring ready. That turned in to a brawl, which became a match between Gunner & Storm and Kaz & Roode.
= The Main Event Mafia were talking about the cage match. Sting later talked about their situation in relation to the Main Event Mafia, but Magnus and Samoa Joe said that they could handle the match if it’s five-on-four.
= Backstage, Austin Aries had some words about the fact that he doesn’t really trust the Main Event Mafia or E.G.O., in spite of the fact that both groups asked him to join. He said he knew what his response would be by the end of the night. Aries attacked E.G.O after the four-way street fight as his answer.
= They had a feature video about Jeff Hardy in the Bound for Glory series bid.
= Chris Sabin talked about his match with Bully Ray, and was simply incredulous that the Aces and Eights acted in a predictable fashion.
The Wrestling
Bobby Roode & Kazarian def. TNA Tag Team Champions James Storm & Gunner via pin fall with a quick roll-up
X-Division Match (non-title): X-Division Champion Manik def. Sonjay Dutt via double overhook reverse gut buster
Bound For Glory Street Fight: Joseph Park (w/ Erik Young) def. Christopher Daniels, Jay Bradley, and Hernandez after bleeding from the mouth and going in to Abyss mode
Gail Kim def. ODB via pin fall with a crucifix pin
5-ON-5 FALL-TAKER LEAVES TNA MATCH: The Main Event Mafia (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, Rampage Jackson, & AJ Styles) def. Aces & Eights (Mr. Anderson, Devon, Knux, Eric Bischoff, and Wes Brisco) via pin fall when AJ Styles hit Devon with the Styles Clash. Devon is now permanently banned from TNA
The Bound For Glory Series
1. Magnus (39 points)
2. Bobby Roode (27 Points)
3. Samoa Joe (26 Points)
4. Jeff Hardy (24 Points)
4. Mr. Anderson (24 Points)
6. Christopher Daniels (23 Points)
7. AJ Styles (22 Points)
7. Kazarian (22 Points)
9. Austin Aries (21 Points)
10. Joseph Park (17 Points)
11. Hernandez (7 Points)
12. Jay Bradley (0 Points)
What Worked
= Fun fact – I actually said that the street fight match was what should have happened last week. I didn’t think that it would be for twenty points, but the fact that I was able to call this one down to Park winning was kind of cool. I really wish that Jay Bradley would get some sort of footing in the series, but now that nobody is in the negative, he might at least get one victory.
= Well, if there was somebody that had to lose the cage match, Devon was the right call. He hasn’t had a quality match in ages, looked like a joke when he lost the Television championship, and hasn’t done much since. As for AJ Styles going from being all about the money to becoming “The Phenomenal One” again for the sake of taking on Aces & Eights was both jarring and kind of awesome. E.G.O. makes up one-fourth of the BFG series, but so does the Mafia (assuming AJ actually joined as opposed to simply making up the numbers).
Needs Work
= The X-Division is going back to singles matches yet again. Why is it that every time the division gets the chance to be unique, it gets stripped away just as quickly? Honestly, even if the triple threat format wasn’t the best of ideas, the fact that they discarded it so easily was just off.
= I couldn’t have cared about the Brooke Tessmacher reveal if you paid me. It was all kinds of obvious that it wasn’t going to be Brooke Hogan – they straight-up said that Brooke Hogan was engaged to another man – so that really only left one other person. It was long-winded and uninteresting.
= See, Chris Sabin proved with that interview that he is not championship material. A real champion would have been furious, not downhearted.
= Similar to how the WWE’s emphasis on Total Divas instead of their champion annoys me, TNA’s choice to focus on Knockouts other than their champion strikes me as odd. Sure, they had a great match, but there didn’t seem to be any real outcome.


NOTE: This episode was a recap episode, showcasing some of the best matches from the first 100 broadcasts of Ring of Honor TV (not to be confused with Ring of Honor Wrestling, which aired on HDNet). As such, it is not relevant to the current goings-on within Ring of Honor, and so will not get a recap.

That’s it for this week, folks! Remember, even if wrestling is fictional, it can still be really fun to watch.

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