Gamescom Announces It’s Show Winners


Gamescom 2013 has officially wrapped up, and with that the show has announced it’s favorite games and hardware winner. PlayStation 4 gave the Xbox One a black eye back at E3, and it looks like Sony has now given Microsoft a fat lip as well. Sony’s Gamescom presentation was chock full of PlayStation 4 game updates, PS Vita and PlayStation 3 price drops, and a host of news pertaining to the indie developer community. While Microsoft and it’s Xbox One chose not to hit the Gamescom stage for a press briefing. Here’s your list of Gamescom winners:

Best Console Game Sony:

Best Console Game Nintendo:
Mario Kart 8

Best Console Game Microsoft Xbox:

Best Next Generation Console Game:

Best Action Game:

Best Role Playing Game:
The Elder Scrolls Online

Best Racing Game:
Forza Motorsport 5

Best Sports Game:

Best Simulation Game:

Best Family Game:
Mario Kart 8

Best Hardware including Peripheral:
PlayStation 4

Best Mobile Game:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Best Online Multiplayer Game:

Best PC Game:
Battlefield 4

Best Social/Casual/Online Game:
The Elder Scrolls Online

The big three software winners at Gamescom are arguably some of the most anticipated upcoming games. As you can see; Destiny, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Titanfall all had a good week. Now we’re looking forward to a still budding Gamestop Expo on August 28th to give us our next hands on time with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, along with some of the year’s biggest upcoming games. We’ll be there with bells on the morning of the 28th and will give you our impressions of the show throughout the day.

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