The Sims Freeplay Android Review


13 years ago a pretty well known developer, working for a pretty well known company came up with with a pretty simple concept. Be God! Will Wright, of Sim City fame, was that developer, and the company was Maxis. Fast forward to today, and we have The Sims Freeplay!

This game has been around for a little while, but if you haven’t given it a try, you really need to. This is, for the most part, a complete version of the Sims for your Android phone. The only difference is that it runs in real time, which makes progression a little easier in my opinion. What could be better than that? EA has stuck with the original chemistry of the game, and it works. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 13 years, let me clue you in about the Sims. The Sims is basically a life simulator. You control everything about your Sims. You tell them to use the bathroom, go to work, build their home, pet their dog, and if lucky enough…to Woohoo! Yes, it probably means what you think it does. The Sims, is the most successful video game franchise in history in sales, and this game is no exception. Well, there is one exception, it is FREE!!!!

The graphics and animations are exactly what you would expect from this game. It’s older looking, but really not that far away from the newest Sims game for the PC, considering it’s an android app. The controls are good. I’ve run in to a few glitches, such as buttons that don’t work, but these have been easy to overcome by simply exiting the menu, and re-entering it. The gameplay shines. This is a true to form Sims game, and in my opinion, the smart phone touch controls work better than their PC counterparts. It’s addicting, and fun! The sound is decent as well. Not great, but not annoying. The storyline of this game is as it was, and always will be, your own to create. You make this game fun. Want a kid? Get a wife, and have one. Want to betray your best friend? DO IT!!! It is all up to you! That is the fun of it.


I played this game on the Galaxy S4 through Verizon, and have probably put around 50 hours into it. I’ve read about trouble with updates, but I have not had catastrophic trouble with this game. It opens fine, plays well, and has never crashed.

While there’s nothing new about this game, the original formula is perfect for mobile devices. The game works well! A few hiccups here and there but it was completely manageable. Visuals are dated, but good. This is probably the biggest knock on the game, but it really isn’t a big one. The Sims would feel a little weird with a completely revamped look. Add in that this is a FREE Android app, and hey, it’s not a problem. The sandbox is as fun as ever, you determine everything. This game is awesome, because of the choices you get to make for your Sims.

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