Shadow Of The Eternals Set To Fail On Kickstarter For A Second Time


We’ve covered the ins and outs, ups and mostly downs of two failed funding attempts Precursor Games has endured with Shadow of the Eternals. Who’s Precursor Games, you ask? Well they’re basically Silicon Knights reincarnate. You know, the studio behind Too Human and X-Men: Destiny. Two of the worst games that have ever been brought into existence. After they horribly failed at making games, Silicon Knights attempted to sue Epic Games due to the fact that Epic’s Unreal Engine 3 was used to spawn two steaming piles of disc shit. The result? A failed lawsuit that ultimately bankrupted the studio. Precursor Games subsequently rose from the ashes, with Silicon Knights hardware assets to boot.

The studio then launched a dual channel crowdfunding campaign to fund Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual successor to one of their former projects at Silicon Knights. Precursor attempted to privately crowdsource the game on their own website, and then turned to Kickstarter when it became apparent it wasn’t going to be possible on their own. The Kickstarter campaign was abruptly pulled when that effort was deemed fruitless. The studio cited “a host of a new exciting opportunities that will make the game better than we envisioned” as one of the reasons for pulling the plug. Like so many super villains before them, Precursor vowed to return, stronger than ever.

The bell is now tolling on their second go on Kickstarter, and they’re over $400K short of their $750K goal. The team has taken to Twitch for it’s final hours, to “go down with the ship” for lack of a better term. The several minutes I viewed were nothing less than studio mates chugging “beer” and smoking cigarettes. There wasn’t anything particularly inspirational, or confidence building happening. It’s unclear why Precursor took to Twitch for the final moments of their second failure, maybe it was the plan from the beginning whether, or not the game was funded.

Chief Creative Officer, Denis Dyack cited a cyclical industry as being one of the reasons that a game like Shadow of the Eternals opted to Kickstarter after being unsuccessful at attracting a publisher. The problem with this sentiment is the fact that indies are constantly gaining more pull, Sony and Microsoft are currently jockeying for the support of indie developers. I think the reason Shadow of the Eternals is unsuccessful is simple. The studio is unproven, and what we do know about them is overwhelmingly negative. They’re asking for a boatload of cash when other small developers produce unique experiences for a fraction of the cost, and they haven’t been completely straight forward with their funding motivations. There’s literally no word on how the funds will be allocated once they receive them. Transparency is one of the most important aspects in today’s Kickstarter climate.

The campaign was even less successful the second time around, but there’s no telling whether Precursor Games will attempt another, smaller crowdfunding campaign, but if and when they do we’ll be there.

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