The PlayStation 4 Has Surpassed One Million Pre-orders


News from the front lines of Sony confirms that the PlayStation 4 has over one million pre-orders to date. SCE UK chief Fergal Gara stated, “way over and above and beyond the pre-order number at launch day” for the PS2 and PS3. He also warns that there will likely be a retail sellout at launch. He continued,

“We’re not disclosing the exact number [of PS4 units] that we’ll have on day one,” said Gara. “Clearly we’re working hard to satisfy a lot of countries. We mentioned 32 countries last night.”


“I’m very very pleased with it, so we will be looking at sell outs in areas. We’re doing everything we can to secure every last unit … so we an do our very best to meet the demand as it stands for day one and clearly chasing there after.”


“It’s a little bit of a problem, but it’s good problem to have.”


“We’re really confident in our plan, it has taken shape very very nicely right since the initial announcement.”


“It was always going to be November. Yesterday there were some rumours of October, but rumours are rumours. I’ve never heard October mooted internally. So we’re just delighted we’re locked on for November.”


“It’s adequately in advance of Christmas, to satisfy a whole lot of Christmas wishes, so we’re pleased.”

The PlayStation 4 demand has been high since it’s reveal, and it picked up considerable steam back at E3 when Sony capitalized on Microsoft‘s misfortune at the show. The confirmation of a launch date at Gamescom 2013 was the final piece of the puzzle, and consumers now know when they’ll have a go at Sony’s next generation.

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Dylan Zellmer

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