Did Electronic Arts Just Confirm The Xbox One Release Date?


UPDATE: Sony has confirmed the launch date of the PlayStation 4 as November 15th in North America, making Need for Speed: Rivals release date just one week after the established PS4 launch date.

ORIGINAL STORY: Gamescom 2013 is full of surprises this year! EA’s announcement that Need for Speed: Rivals would be an Xbox One launch title was just another notch on the belt, until they confirmed the release date for the title. Need for Speed: Rivals has a release date of November 21st, 2013. Meaning the Xbox One should be available on that date.

It’s not a confirmation of any kind, but if the date is accurate, it puts the Xbox One launch a solid month behind the reported PlayStation 4 launch date of October 21st. It’s also possible that NFS: Rivals would launch prior to the Xbox One street date, or it could even fall off the launch list.

For now this is just a happy coincidence, as Microsoft failed to confirm a launch date during it’s Gamescom showcase.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Alex

    Update needed maybe? That would make it 1 week before PS4 launch date now.

    • Freshly updated; good call.