Will Microsoft Reveal A Major 3rd Party Game Bundled Free With Xbox One At Gamescom?


Sources around the industry that are currently in Germany for Gamescom are reporting a major deal between Microsoft and a third party publisher. The deal is said to concern a free holiday release that will be bundled for free with all Xbox One consoles. Currently the front runners for said deal are Ubisoft and Electronic Arts.

We know that Ubisoft is set to announce a major title (reportedly called The Fighter Within) during Gamescom, but sources that have seen banners and promo materials around the show floor point to EA. The deal is said to have cost Microsoft millions to secure, and will be a major holiday release title.

The game is said to be a “unique exclusive”, but after further clarification, the phrase is pointing to an exclusive bundle, or exclusive deal, rather than an outright Xbox One exclusive title. Although Microsoft won’t hold a traditional press conference from Gamescom, they’ll hold an invite only, closed door press meet and greet. Sony is said to have additional announcements for it’s PlayStation 4 library, as well as giving a bit of time to Ready at Dawn and The Order 1886.

Source: VG24/7

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