Space Hulk PC Review


Do you remember playing the original Space Hulk on your tabletop with your friends? Are you feeling nostalgic? Well, this game might be right for you! To be honest, I went into this game kind of blind, not knowing what to expect.

Space Hulk takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe and you are to command a squad of Space Marines, The Blood Angels. The atmosphere of the game was very dark and dramatic, something you’d expect out of a game where you’re stuck in a claustrophobic corridors battling aliens called Genestealers. There’s several mission types that you have to complete, like to bring your squad to an evacuation area or to survive a wave of genestealers, or something similar to that.


The gameplay is very simple. It’s Turn Based Strategy makes the experience identical to that of the board game. When you start out, the game takes you through a series of guided levels, teaching you the basics, but in reality, there isn’t much to teach. There is a Single Player, with 12 missions from the classic board game, and Multiplayer modes available, with the latter pitting you against a player sitting right beside you or finds one online for you, but asynchronously, meaning the player on the other end might not even be online, which causes for really long games. This figures directly into Full Control‘s mantra of building games for the “Soccer Dad”.

The visuals aren’t really on par with the current generation of games. Yes, it is nice to visualize the pieces on board and see them move, but the movement is very slow and animations can feel clunky, sometimes making you wish that there was a “fast forward” button to speed it up. The level design was basic, not much to look at, and the area outside the narrow corridors was simply black. Full Control added a small window on your screen showing what the Space Marine was seeing through his eyes, a feature I really enjoyed.


To me, it feels like the concept of board games is dated, there is a reason the current generation of gamers have stepped away from it and mainly, it’s because modern games have much more depth to offer and are more exciting in terms of gameplay.

If you are into board games, Space Hulk or Warhammer 40k, you might want to pick this game up, but the price tag of $29.99 for such a basic game with limited content will probably make you wish that you’d waited for a sale.