Grand Theft Auto V Online World Premiere


Are you ready for the Grand Theft Auto V Online!? We definitely are. Rockstar is pushing the limits of what’s possible in an open world game by taking all of their past experiences and skills, and jamming them into Grand Theft Auto V. The online portion will be larger and more varied than ever. It will start with assets from the single player experience and continually expand with new content created by R* and the GTA V community.

Players can invest in their character by customizing their appearance, improving stats, owning and customizing vehicles, purchasing property, and taking part in missions and jobs to earn reputation and cash to open up brand new opportunities as you rise in the criminal ranks. The return of competitive multiplayer gives a large amount of options for you to enjoy in GTA V Online.


16 players will inhabit each dynamic world. It’s your choice what you decide to get into while in the online sandbox. You can work on missions that will boost your character, or you can go old school and run amok throughout the city. It’s also you whom decides if you’ll be creating friends, or foes, every time you step into Grand Theft Auto V Online.

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Dylan Zellmer

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