Party Chat Won’t Be Compatible Between The Xbox One And Xbox 360


Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb) has been holding a series of Reddit AMA sessions as of late. After all, he’s the primary voice of the Xbox brand as the director of programming for Xbox Live. Just last week he stepped in front of the camera to unbox one of the first twenty Xbox One consoles to be produced.

His most recent Reddit session let a small, but important piece of information loose. It seems that the much touted Xbox Live party chat feature won’t be cross platform compatible between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The major difference being the codecs used to deliver the audio on the two systems. As we all know, the Xbox One will deliver three times the sampling rate on it’s chat headset than that of the Xbox 360.

This seems like a break in the social experience that the Xbox brand is known for, but there’s at least sound reasoning behind the incompatibility. It’s still unknown if the Live update that’s incoming on the Xbox 360 will do anything to help the party chat situation. What we do know is that the update will finally convert Microsoft Points to standard currency.

We’ll keep you updated if any additional information becomes available on cross-platform party chat.

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