Microsoft Points Are Going The Way Of The Dodo


As we mentioned in an earlier report, Xbox Live is going to see an OS update before the end of 2013. With that update, Microsoft Points will officially be put to rest. Microsoft Points have never made sense to me, but I’ve always stocked up with tons of them on my Xbox Live account for downloadable content. The days of buying a game and winding up with slightly less proprietary currency than you need for a second purchase, will be over.

The use of a universal currency is something that’s necessary when you want to connect all of your platforms. Xbox Live will no longer be segregated from Microsoft’s other platforms. The update to Xbox Live is to create some parity between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One operating systems, and letting go of the archaic principal of buying money you can’t use anywhere else is a good start.

As far as your current point balance goes, it will be converted to real currency once the update goes live. The converted amount will have an expiration date of June 1st, 2015. New gift cards will be available at retail once the system is implemented, but there’s no plans to discontinue the acceptance of Microsoft Points, so don’t worry about redeeming codes immediately.

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Dylan Zellmer

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