Sony Santa Monica Gets It’s Balrog Back, Oceans Eleven Style


Sony Santa Monica studio is best known for it’s God of War series. The franchise has become one of Sony‘s first party mainstays on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. The man responsible for directing God of War II. Cory Balrogis back in house at Santa Monica after an approximate six year hiatus. The talented designer/director has been honing his skills all over the industry since his departure for SCE. He spent time with Avalanche Studios (Just Cause 2), LucasArts (The Secret of Monkey Island), and Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider). Now Balrog is back, in his own words he says,

What am I working on, you ask? Good question. Sadly, I cannot tell you…yet. But I can say that it is freaking huge, and it will live up to the standards that I helped establish here at SMS. We’re putting together a team as I type this, an Ocean’s 11 kind of thing. We are searching the world high and low for the best of the BEST to come and be on the ground floor of this endeavor.

Sounds like a groundbreaking project for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console. With any luck, it may transfer to the PS Vita as well. The studio is currently in a joint development effort with Ready at Dawn. The studios are collectively working on The Order: 1886. Only time will tell what’s being put together over at Santa Monica, but it’s sure to be something interesting.

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Dylan Zellmer

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