Amazon May Have An Android Gaming Console Before 2013 Ends


Word on the street is Amazon, one of the world’s largest retailers, online or otherwise, has been snapping up development talent from all over the Seattle area in preparation of an Android console launch by the end of 2013. This is huge news for the gaming industry. It’s also said that Amazon has been recruiting from Microsoft, as well as high level talent from the teams that brought us Gears of War 3 and the yet to release Quantum Break.

The console itself is said to be more than just a STB (set top box) featuring high end graphics the likes of Sony‘s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The audience Amazon is targeting is said to be the “core” gaming sect that built the Xbox and PlayStation brands.

Game Informer was approached by a source close to the project and first reported this news yesterday evening. The internet has already taken to calling the rumored console Kindlecore based on the companies Kindle Fire tablet and the audience they’re reportedly targeting.

If this report is true, Amazon would be in a fantastic position this holiday season. The masses are teeming for new hardware, and there’s still a large amount of gamers that haven’t decided where their loyalties will lie this holiday.

Amazon offers AWS server hosting (instances) to companies all over the world. For example, Amazon has several secure datacenters in Singapore, Ireland, Tokyo, Sydney, Sao Paulo, as well as a strong network in the U.S. domestically. Their strong infrastructure and large amounts of capitol put Amazon in a healthy position to enter the console race. The online retailer has also beefed up it’s involvement in the sale of digital game content. Amazon will likely leverage the titles already available on it’s platform, and each day the company offers one productivity or game app for free.

Only time will tell if the yellow grin is really heading into the console race. We’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available. Below is the Twitter conversation that transpired prior to these reports┬ábeing printed.


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