Xbox Live Gold Subscription Required To Use Xbox One Game DVR

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In today’s unsurprising news, it’s recently been confirmed that an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be needed to utilize the much publicized Xbox One Game DVR function. Early reports were unconfirmed, but Microsoft later confirmed the rumor to be true.

To be fair, what did we expect? A gold subscription is needed to use services you’re already paying for, like Netflix and Hulu, so why would a proprietary service that requires tons of bandwidth and storage space to operate be offered as a complimentary addition? The Xbox One Game DVR feature is tailor-made for online gamers in the first place. You’ll already be balls deep in an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access online gaming, so it makes sense that the DVR function would be behind the same paywall. To be honest, it’d make little sense for it not to be.

It’s confirmed that the Xbox One will buffer (save) five minutes of video at all times. Which is a generous amount of time to squeeze out some multiplayer gems you want to share. There’s no confirmation yet as to how videos with extended length will be handled.

We’ll update if there’s more clarification as to how videos longer than five minutes will be handled.

Source: Game Informer via One Hot Pixel

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