Is Sony Holding Back PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders For Retail Shelves?


A new report from MCV suggests that Sony has throttled it’s PlayStation 4 pre-orders to ensure brick and mortars have at least a limited stock of units for store shelves this holiday season. It’s said that Sony notified retailers (last week) to stop guaranteeing consoles on launch day. Moreover it’s rumored that Sony is actually withholding units at this point to stock retail shelves in an attempt to not drive consumers towards the opposition. A retail source stated that Sony,

“doesn’t want consumers who couldn’t buy PS4 to buy Xbox One instead”.

Sony refused to comment on the matter, and a spokesperson told MCV,

“Sony Computer Entertainment Europe does not comment on production and we have no further information to share at this time on our release strategy for PlayStation 4 which is scheduled for launch this holiday season.”

If this report bears fruit, then Sony may be taking a smart approach to the situation. During E3 it was confirmed that the PlayStation 4 was outselling Xbox One in the pre-order arena. It’s possible that Sony’s ‘open the floodgates’ approach to pre-orders may have been too much for them to keep up with, even though it looks like they’re having hardware manufactured in both China and Japan.

It’d be somewhat disastrous for either Microsoft or Sony to not have an ample stock of consoles for the holiday rush. It’d be a missed opportunity to start the next generation off with strong sales.

We’ll update you if we receive any further information.

Source: MCV

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